How to Tell If Creed Aventus is Fake or Real?

You can tell a Creed Aventus bottle is fake without opening it by checking batch numbers on the bottle match those on the paper packaging. You can recognize fake Creed Aventus cologne when it smells watered-down or diluted.

I’ve been recently asked my opinion on spotting a difference between a real Creed Aventus and a fake Creed Aventus.

Fake Aventus bottles have flooded the market. Almost 90% of websites selling it are fake by my estimations. However, seeing the differences between fakes and original Aventus isn’t complicated.

It’s only complicated to tell the difference between fake and real Aventus when you can’t smell the perfume. If batch code numbers on the bottle and on the packaging aren’t matching it’s a sign of a possible fake perfume.

Check the cellophane wrapping

Creed Aventus ships in a box wrapped in cellophane. Original Creed Aventus cellophane is shiny or glossy. It never appears cloudy.

Brushed cellophane or cloudy cellophane that isn’t easy to see through is a sign of a fake Creed Aventus. It’s not even worth opening the pack up for further investigation if you see this type of cellophane in front of you.

Check the printing on the bottom of the bottle

The printing on the bottom of the bottle is an area of crucial information. This is where you find the famous Creed Aventus batch number data. You also see an ingredients disclaimer and a place of manufacturing printed on the bottom of the bottle.

You can check that the number on the bottom of the bottle matches the batch number printed on the perfume box. Fake Creed Aventus perfumes don’t have matching batch numbers here.

Of course, mistakes can happen and an original bottle can get in the old packaging.

However, we know Aventus batch numbers represent the year of manufacturing. The longer the discrepancy between new bottles and old perfume boxes the higher the chances of a fake are.

Look at the cap

The cap on fake Creed Aventus bottles feels cheap. This is a type of lightweight plastic with some type of aluminum-like plastic on the top.

However, a true Creed Aventus bottle cap is heavy and it feels qualitative. Fake manufacturers cannot offer the same level of quality at lower prices.

Analyze atomizers

The atomizers are similarly cheap on fake Aventus, just as the bottle cap. An original Aventus atomizer works smoothly and it feels like a quality product.

You can use original Aventus atomizers to get up to 1.500 sprays of Aventus as seen in the lasts How many Aventus sprays do you need to post.

A fake atomizer is also likely to fail within 100-200 actuation.

Compare the smell

Almost nobody lets you smell Creed Aventus before buying it from the same bottle. However, you can figure out if you’ve been fooled when you smell fake Aventus.

Fake Creed Aventus only smells 10-15% similar to the original Creed Aventus. It’s almost as if you’re smelling a diluted version of Aventus.

This smell doesn’t last long either. If your Creed Aventus doesn’t last it’s a sign of a fake perfume.

Creed Aventus smell lasts all day and there’s no reason why the original would last even less.

Be realistic about the price

If you’re paying a discounted price (more than 5% price difference) for Creed Aventus it’s an indication of a fake perfume.

Otherwise, you might be paying less for stolen Creed Aventus on the black market which may or may not be an original perfume. I don’t recommend this route.

Creed Aventus doesn’t go on sale. This means you’re always going to pay full price for it. There’s no tester bottle Creed Aventus price. There are no Aventus bottles made for testing only that get sold in stores. These are all fake perfumes sold in their thousands only.

Why does Creed Aventus get a bad reputation?

Creed Aventus only gets a bad reputation when people buy a fake bottle. This is when Creed Aventus doesn’t last on the skin. It’s when the perfume bottle feels cheap and when the smell seems off.

Even if there’s some small variation from batch to batch, you shouldn’t worry about the smell when you’re buying an original perfume.

Always buy Creed Aventus from a reputable seller

The main method of ensuring you buy real Creed Aventus and not a fake is to buy from a reputable seller. Some of the best-known Creed sellers are known for their high reputation that can’t be ruined by selling fake Aventus bottles.

It’s not that new sellers don’t offer original Creed bottles. It’s just that there’s no proven track record of customer satisfaction. This is important in the luxury fragrances market, a place that continues to be dominated by fake perfumes.