How to Use Rosewater as a Newbie

You can use rose water as a natural perfume while taking a bath, or to calm skin inflammation. Some women use rose water to remove makeup and strengthen hair.

If you want to use rose water is either because you love the smell of roses or because you want its health and beauty benefits.

What is rose water?

Before you understand how to use rose water, you need to understand what it is. Rosewater is a perfumed liquid made by infusion. Rosewater is not the same as a rose essential oil, which is the result of distillation (find out more about how the process looks like and how to make perfume).

How much rose essential oil is in rose water?

Your rosewater needs to come with at least 0.025% rose oil. The highest concentration rose water is the one which comes with 0.1% rose oil concentration.

Top 6 uses for rose water which

On fragrancespotter, you find information about perfumes and topics surrounding aromatics. This is why I’m going to put rose water on the uses list as number 1 as a perfume.

1.     Use rose water as perfume

On its own, rose water can be an excellent perfume. Historically speaking, it has been often attributed to attraction and feeling of love. But rose water has an uplifting effect on your mind and mood, which is where attraction starts in the first place.

You can buy rose water online or you can purchase a pure rosewater perfume to smell attractive. Make sure to read the text until the end as I list my recommended rosewater perfumes. Rose oil and rose hydrosol are used in perfumes, and they are different from the rose oil you purchase online.

2.     Put rose water in your bath

The use of rose water when taking a bath is often popularized in women’s magazines. You don’t need to think about the topic for too long before you understand why this is.

I was always skeptical about these types of claims and I decided to do a bit of research. It turns out scientists agree rose water helps psychological relaxation and anti-anxiety effects. An interesting study also shows this use and the use of rose water in tea is not specific to European cultures anymore, as they’re present in Middle Eastern traditions.

3.     Use rose water to calm skin inflammation

You might be thinking not all types of rose water are suitable for skin benefits and you are right. However, a study shows Rosa damascena has positive effects on the skin. For example, rose water has an anti-inflammatory action on the skin. Its terpenes, glycosides, and flavonoids come with these skin benefits, which explains the thousands of blogs published on the topic of rose water for antiaging.

4.     This is how to use rose water to remove makeup

Removing makeup is such an important process for the face. If you fail to do it properly, you might have to deal with certain issues such as skin irritation. Rosewater is used both to remove makeup and on your face after you apply it as a makeup setter.

You can use a typical cotton pad and a rosewater sprayer to apply the liquid to prepare to make up removal. You then proceed to remove makeup gradually from your face. Make sure you don’t get any residue into your eyes.

To remove makeup with rose water, you need to spray it on your clean hands. You then pat your face gently to help them make up settle. This gives your skin a dewy shiny look.

5.     Consider rose water for strengthening hair

Rosewater and castor oil are used for naturally beautiful hair benefits. You can apply it starting from the roots by massaging your scalp. Together with glycerin, rose water ads hydration to your hair which maintains its natural look.

6.     This is how to use rose water for aromatherapy

You can use an essential oil dispenser to make the most out of rose oil aromatherapy. For the most aromatic version, it’s best to purchase Bulgarian rose oil, which is largely used in perfumes.

The best rosewater perfumes

Rosewater perfumes are made with either pure rose water or in a composition with other ingredients. Here are the top options any rose lover needs to try out.

Chloe Chloe Eau de Parfum

Made with Eau de Parfum concentration, the perfume is among the right choices for rose fans.

Peony, litchi, and freesia are its opening notes.

Rose, magnolia, and lily of the valley are its dominant scents. Amber and wood give the perfume a bit more longevity. You can expect it to last at least 6 hours with a good projection.


Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne

Damascus rose is the star of this classic. Released in 2009, the rose perfume for women blackberry and cranberry in the opening.

Damasc rose, peony and violet are its mid accords.

Vetyver, patchouli, sandalwood, and musk give it a bit of cool weather appeal.

With a unique vinyl note, this is not the type of perfume to use solely for the rose water appeal as it adds complexity. The perfume can be considered bohemian. But I think it also scores highly on originality. It lasts up to 6 hours on the skin.


Dolce & Gabanna Rose The One

Also released in 2009, the rosewater perfume is enhanced with peony. Floral notes are dominating in the perfume and you can also smell lily from time to time.

Other supportive composition notes include blackcurrant, grapefruit, mandarin, litchi, ambrette, vanilla, and sandalwood.

The perfume is made with juxtaposed aromas feature both sweetness and sourness. The sweet litchi fruit gives the rose a different appeal for the younger wearer while the added grapefruit note also makes the rose a bit sour and suitable for warm weather. It lasts more than 2 hours, which is fair given its low price.


Christian Dior Les Creations de Monsieur Forever and Ever

Rose tincture is dominating in this must-have perfume for women. Freesia, geranial, almond blossom, musk, muscat, vanilla, and jasmine are also there to enrich its floral scent.

The perfume would be an excellent choice for women over 30. Its 4-hours longevity is also fair given its floral profile.


Especially Escada Delicate Notes

With a playful rose water smell, the perfume isn’t too complex but it’s appealing if you love rose. There are a few other accords added to make the rose stand out and they include pear, grapefruit, Hamanasu Japanese rose, ylang-ylang, and musk.

The rose here is very subtle and the perfume is made for women who don’t necessarily like to stand out due to their perfume choice. Longevity is an impressive 6+ hours.


Rosewater Crabtree & Evelyn

A cheap rose perfume for women might not be your first choice. However, if you prefer a clear rosewater scent, this might be just the right solution for you. The pleasant rose here attracts compliments as its made to appease you and those around you. Rosewater is enriched with peony, violet, green leaves, and musk.


Bvlgary Rose Essentielle

Soft, classy, and not overpowering, this rose scent is what women can wear as a signature perfume. The soft rose with a high-class appeal is enriched with blackberry and violet in the opening.

Taif rose, mimosa, and jasmine are its mid accords.

Musk, guaiac wood, patchouli, and sandalwood give it a bit of depth and warmness. While wearing it, you will feel surrounded by a garden of roses. Critics have said it might not be the freshest type of rose, but it’s more than enough at this price and with 8-hours longevity.

Over to you

Do you feel rose water is as versatile as its made out to be? I think there are many ways in which we can leverage the potential rose water has. Some cultures even use it as a mouthwash (I wouldn’t try that on my own).

Rose might be very expensive and it’s no wonder books have been written about it. If you use rose water as perfume, you might be in for a surprise as you realize just how simple the formula can be when done right.