Is Creed Aventus Unisex?

The legendary success of Creed Aventus sometimes determines some women to try it themselves. But is Creed Aventus unisex? No, this fragrance is purely masculine as you can discover below.

Not many would expect to see pineapple as a purely masculine note. However, Olivier Creed created a masculine masterpiece with Creed.

Sure, women can wear what they want. But not many are willing to smell masculine.

Why is Creed Aventus unisex?

Creed is a masculine fragrance with some sweetness and smokiness. It’s not a unisex fragrance as it aims to make men smell attractive the whole day. Both the opening and the drydown are quintessentially masculine.

Here are a few reasons why Creed Aventus isn’t made for women or why Creed Aventus isn’t unisex.

Because it smells masculine

The first reason is obvious. This is a men’s cologne, arguably the best. This means it has a precise scope for gentlemen and women-only offer compliments when men wear it.

Dior Sauvage is sometimes worn by women. This isn’t the case with Creed Aventus, a quality fragrance that never goes on sale.

It’s a woody fragrance

The smell of smoky birch is very intense in the historic Aventus. This is the type of basic masculine note without room for femininity. The woodsy nature of Creed Aventus fragrances means this is an ideal perfume for teenage guys, young men, older men, and even seniors.

There’s a timeless gent’s vibe about it

Timelessness in men’s colognes is always associated with a degree of masculinity. There are no timeless sweet men’s fragrances you can wear 20 years from now without smelling like a vintage perfume for men. This means timelessness is associated with classic qualities and clear note separation.

It’s a sexy masculine fruity scent

Fruity scents are very popular in women’s fragrances. Cherry perfumes, apple perfumes, blackcurrant perfumes, bergamot perfumes, and even vanilla perfumes are all scents women love. However, the pineapple in Aventus is complex, rich, zesty, and smoky which makes it rather masculine.

Women don’t like wearing Aventus

A final argument for Creed Aventus not being unisex is that women don’t wear it. Sure, some women like to spray Creed Aventus from their partner’s collection. However, I’ve never actually met a woman wearing Aventus. There’s a Creed Aventus for Her women can count on, even if it has a different scent.


Creed Aventus isn’t a unisex perfume. It encompasses masculine qualities of woodsy ruggedness, smoky mystery, and playful but masculine fruity pineapple sweetness.

This perfume is dedicated to men looking for something that smells both modern and classic at the same time. Aventus does this simply by combining masculine notes and using variations that smell very realistic (when it’s not a fake Aventus).

There’s no room for interpretation with the final scent. Aventus isn’t made for women. Aventus is something women enjoy smelling on men. This fragrance is among the top most complimented fragrances for men in the world which speaks volumes about its specificity.