Is Creed Aventus Worth It?

Creed Aventus is worth purchasing for fragrance fans. It’s a reference point in the perfume world but also one of the legendary perfumes with a solid and growing following.

Many expected Aventus to be sold at a lower price over the past couple of years. This didn’t happen. Instead, Creed Aventus fragrance for men has gotten an even more legendary status.

This is, of course, explicable to a person who loves fragrances or let’s say to a perfume collector. Those outside of the fragrance community who only buy perfumes rarely or those who don’t buy perfumes can’t easily explain its appeal.

But Aventus is one of those special men’s colognes that has a lot of discussions around it.

This post explores the most common reasons why Creed Aventus is worth it. The article also explores reasons why Creed Aventus isn’t worth it. Just because something is legendary doesn’t mean that everybody should have it.

In fact, the scarcity of a given item is what further increases its legendary status.

Why Creed Aventus is Worth It

Creed Aventus is worth it due to its natural smell. The fruity smoky fragrance is photorealistic or as natural as men’s colognes can get. The plus side of wearing a fragrance such as Creed Aventus is the attention and compliments it grabs.

Great smell

The first reason to get Aventus or any other men’s cologne that smells good is the great smell. We’re talking about a very good smell here. For most men, this is the highest-level fragrance they will wear.

For others, Creed Aventus smell good, but not the best. Still, the opinions of those who own the fragrance are mostly the same. All owners say they will purchase this fragrance again.


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It gets compliments

The compliments of Aventus are sometimes in front of its great smell. Some men only get Aventus because it gets compliments. However, there’s a clear line to draw here as this benefit is often misunderstood.

In my opinion, Creed Aventus tends to get more compliments from men. Other fragrances such as Dior Sauvage tend to get compliments from women. Both Creed Aventus and Dior Sauvage are top-level colognes, but with very different types of compliments.

I’m not sure a compliment can be qualified simply because you ask someone if you smell good. You tend to get compliments and questions when you wear Dior Sauvage without soliciting them a bit more.

Still, Aventus gets more compliments than the average men’s cologne. This means it has a type of mass appeal which is hard to overlook. It’s almost as if this side of the fragrance as part of its high price.

A great purchase as a reference point

Creed Aventus is also worth it as a reference point cologne. You might spend days thousands on building up your favorite cologne collection. But you won’t know how good other fragrances are until you compare them to some of the best men’s colognes. This is where Creed Aventus lies, among the best.

It has been a few years since it was released and yet we haven’t seen something trigger as much polarization. This means that it’s a reference point fragrance. Just as an iPhone is in the smartphone world.

It lasts long

Maybe you’re tired of colognes that don’t last. If you apply cologne properly and still find fragrances don’t last you either step away from them or try something completely different.

This is where I recommend Creed Aventus. You’ve been smelling great with that Calvin Klein men’s cologne. However, you will smell even better for an even longer period when wearing Aventus.

Creed Aventus is the most copied fragrance

You can only live with copycats for a limited time until you ditch them all. We’ve seen in our Dossier perfumes review how good they really are. But they aren’t the real thing.

Why Creed Avenuts might not be worth it

Every coin has 2 sides. The other side of Creed Aventus is very complex. Furthermore, you have to navigate negative Creed Aventus reviews with a pinch of salt as they might keep you away from one of the best men’s colognes made in your lifetime.

Men prefer Aventus more than women

One of the cold hard truths we have to recognize is Aventus gets fewer compliments from women compared to Sauvage. You can spray more of it on yourself but it won’t overtake Dior’s men’s cologne.

It almost seems like you’re trying too hard while wearing Aventus. Things just seem effortless with Sauvage.

Its price

What’s going on with Creed prices? Are Creed perfumes overrated? To some extent they are overrated. But then again, can something be special when it’s too affordable? It would just pass as another men’s cologne that is one of them but not the one.

Some batch variation

Creed Aventus batch variations are recognized. Sure, these mean nothing when you first buy it or if you aren’t specifically looking for small differences. But these differences are there.

Is Creed Aventus art? Can fragrance ever be art?

In my opinion, Creed Aventus is an art and other fragrances such as Dior Sauvage are just the best colognes, nothing more.

Jeremy Clarkson once said that for something to be art it has to have no other purpose than itself. Well… look at Creed Aventus. It’s expensive. It sometimes lasts less than your previous Aventus bottle. It might even smell a bit different from your previous Creed Aventus. To me, this seems art.

And art is a whole different type of category. You’re in another room when discussing art. Of course, we can endlessly argue to find out if fragrances can be art.

However, Creed Aventus feels raw and imperfect. This is art. It’s not something measured to perfection and recreated magically in the laboratory with aroma chemicals. It lives, it’s organic.

To me, Aventus is superior to almost all men’s colognes even without compliments. It feels like art and as a fragrance collector, we’re always looking for that next gem. No matter where we look, the answer is right here in front of us.