Is Dior Sauvage Good for School?

Dior Sauvage is a perfume that’s good for school when applied in just a couple of sprays. It tends to be too much for a social situation such as school or college when sprayed more than 3 times.

If you’re pondering getting Sauvage to wear to school you are onto something. This is a true perfume for men that smells good and that’s worth the money. You might even be the only one at school wearing it given it’s not the most affordable option

4 Reasons Why Dior Sauvage is Good for School?

This post looks into a few common reasons to wear and a few common reasons not to wear Dior Sauvage to school.

  1. It’s more than a good first perfume

Sauvage is just as good as a first perfume than any other scent out there. It was certainly out of my budget when I got my first perfume. Dior can be a journey in itself and Sauvage is an excellent start to anyone’s fragrance journey.

  • It gets a lot of compliments

Let’s face it, you want to wear Sauvage to school to be cool and to get all the compliments. This is something Sauvage is known for. On the other hand, trying too hard might not come with the expected results.

  • You can wear it in any season

You can wear Sauvage in the winter and the summer. It smells amazing in the spring and is still very good in the fall. This is the one fragrance to wear every day.

  • Sauvage lasts all-day

Lasting power isn’t an issue with Dior Sauvage. It makes you smell good all day which means it works great for school. Furthermore, you must pay attention not to overspray it as it might even be there on your clothes the following day.

2 reasons why Sauave might not be good for school

There are reasons not to wear Sauvage to school, of course. Dior Sauvage is sometimes overused and you don’t want to smell just like everyone else.

  • Your school might have a no-perfume policy

Make sure to check what the school’s policy on perfumes is. Some schools are very strict about fragrances.

You might spray it too much on yourself

Even if your school has no specific requirements for wearing a perfume you shouldn’t overspray it. Spraying too much perfume on yourself is something that season’s perfume collectors don’t recommend.


Dior Sauvage is good for school if you apply it in 1-2 sprays. 3+ Sauvage sprays start to project too much. This strong projection can be bothersome to other people in the class and its long-lasting projection might mean this smell is going to be with you for a full day.