Is Dior Sauvage Overused?

Years have passed since the launch date of Dior Sauvage. Over the years we’ve seen its ups and downs. Most of them were ups. Other evolutions of these perfumes were seen as negative, mainly due to their popularity.

The biggest strength of Dior Sauvage is also its weakness. It’s so popular you can’t escape it. This is why so many in the fragrance community stay away from it. In my opinion, this is a mistake. However, others see Dior Sauvage as overused. Some men say Dior Sauvage is just too popular and not worth wearing.

6 Reasons Why Dior Sauvage is Overused

After learning so much about this perfume we can all agree the following reasons are sometimes tied to those who claim Sauvage is overused.

  1. Everybody at work is wearing it

No matter where you go you seem to find a person wearing Dior Sauvage. The most common place to smell it? That’s the office. Dior Sauvage at the office is something that isn’t newsworthy for a long time.

This perfume is the go-to option for all lines of work at the office from clerks to the boss.

The ever-growing popularity of the perfume makes it readily available to wear at the office.

Even the dropping price of Dior Sauvage is expected to make it even more popular for office or work. So it’s somewhat understandable why so many people stay away from it in these conditions.

  • All guys in the club wear Dior Sauvage

As far as clubbing perfumes go Dior Sauvage has little to prove to other perfumes. However, it seems that every other second guy in the club is wearing Sauvage.

It might be an ego thing but many men don’t want to be associated with others.

Social competition is high among men and wearing something that reminds a woman about another man is certainly seen as bad.

  • Even women wear Dior Sauvage

If things don’t seem they could get any worse this isn’t the case with its popularity. Women wear Dior Sauvage all the time.

It’s not enough that every guy in the office wears it women also smell like Sauvage now.

It all seems like a big Dior Sauvage fan club in some office. You either join them or you try to stay away from the crowds by choosing a lesser-known perfume or a fragrance that isn’t overused.

  • You see it in all beauty stores

You cannot step into a perfume store or a beauty shop before tripping on a bottle of Sauvage these days. It seems that it gets the best shelf, the best lighting, and the most willing store clerks to present it and sell it to you.

This isn’t a bad thing I’d say. However, some men don’t like the aggressive marketing behind any type of product.

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to follow the crowds you’re likelier to skip Sauvage altogether.

  • It seems like there’s no other perfume out there

Even all advertisements you see on the bus or on the train are all promoting Sauvage. How many times can we really see Johnny Depp before getting tired of the same ads?

It turns out that heavy promotion can backfire. It won’t backfire with most people, however. Most men have no problem with the ever-growing Sauvage popularity and fanbase.

  • It’s one of the most copied fragrances

You might have just read the Fake vs Real Dior Sauvage post on This is a post that covers fake Sauvage perfumes in detail.

After all, this is one of the most copied fragrances out there. With so many Dior Sauvage alternatives and with so many Dior Sauvage dupes it feels that you can’t really escape cheap imitations that make you smell bad even if you wear an original Sauvage.

Men coming up to you saying they spend $15 on fake Sauvage to smell just like you are very annoying. The truth is they don’t smell as good as you. They smell cheap. But you don’t want to be associated with these men.


Dior Sauvage is arguably one of the most overused perfumes in the fragrance world. It has been discussed so much that it’s sometimes impossible to not know how it smells even if you’ve never owned a bottle.

But then there’s the question of what makes you happy? If you like how Sauvage smells you shouldn’t care about the rest of the world. Life’s too short not to smell good.

Trends come and go. At one time, it was trendy to wear Invictus as it was trendy to wear 1 Million perfume. This doesn’t mean those perfumes weren’t very good releases by any means.