Is Dior Sauvage Worth It In 2022?

Dior Sauvage is worth it as a general everyday fragrance in 2022. It smells fresh and it comes in multiple versions for all tastes. Its pleasant smell remains attractive and compliment-getting.

If you’re reading this text you’re probably owned Sauvage in the past or you’re thinking about getting Sauvage.

These 2 situations don’t exclude each other in 2022. Sauvage is the type of fragrance you wear for life. Sure, it can sometimes feel overused. But there are many aspects to this cologne that make it a must-have.

How many Dior Sauvage fragrances are there?

There are 4 Dior Sauvage fragrances. Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, Parfum, and Elixir are all Sauvage versions. Elixir is the most different of them all as it’s the latest release from the Sauvage group.

Why is Dior Sauvage Worth It?

2022 is about to get very interesting. We’re expecting many new fragrance releases to consider as versatile. But Sauvage isn’t going anywhere. Here are the top reasons why Dior Sauvage is worth it this year and why you need to get one or a second bottle.

There are 4 (similar) fragrances to choose from

There are 4 types of Dior Sauvage. Eau de Toillette is considered a light version, Eau de Parfum is a bit more intense, Parfum is considered long-lasting while Elixir is consider a niche-level Sauvage. All of these smell similar but still very different. It might be time to get a new type of Sauvage if you already own one of these in 2022.

It smells fresh (timeless)

Dior Sauvage has a timeless scent profile. Sure, it already has a few years behind it. Even Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum is celebrating its 4th anniversary. Still, the fresh scent DNA is still there. Fresh perfumes are hard to become obsolete. You can wear them to just about any occasion.

People love the smell of Sauvage

Even after a few years people still like the smell of Sauvage. Eyes light up when people smell it and this is something even many more expensive perfumes struggle to achieve. To me, this is something that can’t be overlooked.

Sauvage is still cool

There was a coolness to wearing Sauvage when it first came out. Lines in front of perfume shops were common. Everybody was waiting in line to get the perfume.

This cool factor is still there. Furthermore, I’d say that many best perfumes that are new aren’t cool. Yes, they smell good, but how many ‘cool’ perfumes do you know?

There’s a new generation of teenagers who love it

There’s a new generation of teenage boys getting out of high school each year. I’d say 18 and 19-year-olds haven’t been paying attention to Dior Sauvage when it first came out in 2015. These guys were 11-12 at that time. Now they’re transitioning from their teenage years to adulthood and Sauvage is something that’s new to them.

There’s no real (versatile) alternative

Some of the colognes men get to choose from today are simply weird. There are so many of them to choose from most guys end up making an uninspired choice.

Every brand promises something new, something to make you smell good. OK, so what’s a real Dior Sauvage alternative? Cedrat Boise? Creed Aventus? Both of these are in other leagues. The alternative to Dior Sauvage is another type of Dior Sauvage from the 4 types this fragrance has. It’s not something else.

It’s polarizing

The ever-growing popularity of Dior Sauvage sometimes makes it feel a bit overused. This starts the polarization around the fragrance. Some men say you should stay away from it while others say you must buy it before Sauvage is discontinued.

You can always buy it and sell it if you don’t like Sauvage. Selling used Sauvage isn’t complicated at all as there’s a market for that.

Dior branding matters

Sauvage is made by Dior and this matters a lot. Dior perfumes have enjoyed positive reviews over the decades. Even the oldest Dior perfumes are remembered today.

Dior is one of those historic brands in the fragrance world that you cannot overlook. Many of the perfumes they release are best-sellers. They are sometimes seen as playing in a league of their own.

Fear of missing out is real

Another good reason why Dior Sauvage is worth it is the actual fear of missing out that’s very real when it comes to this cologne. Some guys ask if they should get it in the conditions in which so many men are wearing Sauvage. This is what proper fear of missing out looks like.

It’s never the case that you should give in to this fear. However, you should not buy perfume just because everybody else is buying it. In the end, Sauvage testers are almost free. You can always sample it yourself without having this fear at the back of your mind and you can decide for yourself if you like it or not.

Final words

There are at least a few other reasons why this perfume is worth it. Apart from its mass-appealing smell, Dior Sauvage also lasts a long time. All of its versions easily last at least 6 hours. These perfumes can last a whole day or even until the following day at times.

Sauvage is also worth it as it blends notes such as ambroxan, pepper, and bergamot well. In its Parfum version, it adds a bit of sweet vanilla which makes it a bit more mature and a bit better suited for the winter compared to Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette. Nutmeg is also present in Parfum in an effort to make it smell a bit richer than Eau de Toilette.

Dior Sauvage can be a one-perfume collection. It can also be a 4-perfume collection as there are small but worthy differences between all of its versions.

Men who see how good it smells often consider buying all of its versions. We can say for sure that men should at least smell it if they love fragrances.