List of Perfume Discounters That Sell Fragrances Up to 50% Cheaper

Some of the most popular perfume discounters that sell fragrances at a discounted price include Fragrancenet and FragranceX. Amazon also sells fragrances at good prices and it can be on our list of perfume discounters. Europeans should alternatively consider special deals at Notino for the fastest shipping.

Have you ever wondered how much this fragrance passion is going to cost? This is one of the main things many perfume enthusiasts need to ask themselves. True discounters aren’t easy to find but this article looks at those that are already popular, what they offer, and if they’re worth your hard-earned money.

List of perfume discounters worth ordering from

Not all perfume discount sellers are offering better prices. But you can find products that are up to 40% – 50% cheaper if you know where to shop online.

List of perfume discounters Shipping
FragranceNet US and international
FragranceX US and international
Luckyscent US and international
Twisted Lily US and international US and international
Maxaroma US and international
Amazon US and international
Notino Europe only



One of the discounters that have an inventory of over 17,000 fragrances is FragranceNet. The company’s wide selection of perfumes makes it one of the must-visit online stores for reduced price scent purchases.

The official website is easy to navigate. Loading speed is very good and its mobile version is also responsive.

Right on the homepage, you are greeted by the best sellers. But there are new arrivals listed on the homepage as well. If you’re always interested in what’s new, you don’t need to waste any time looking through the menus to see the lasts fragrance releases.

A few unique FragranceNet strengths

  • The company offers free shipping inside the US
  • It sends products across the world for international shoppers
  • Multiple campaigns such as Win $250
  • It shows customer reviews on each fragrance page

Payment methods

Official FragranceNet payment methods include AmericanExpress, VISA, and Mastercard. Other accepted payment methods here are Discover, PayPal, and AmazonPayments.


Shipping is free in the United States when you place a minimum order of $59. Otherwise, you’ll pay $6.95.

Social media presence

The company has a strong social media presence with more than 1million Facebook likes and 86,000 Instagram followers.

Website use and categories

Product categories are properly implemented on FragranceNet. You can shop perfumes alphabetically by brand, by gender, by rating, by popularity, or by review count. When you’re new to the fragrance world, this could be a major advantage as you want to go through the most popular scents first.

Perfume prices

A bottle of 3.4oz (100ml) Calvin Klein Eternity for Men costs $33.99.

Call FragranceNet to ask about a perfume

1-800-PARFUMS (727-3867)


FragranceX is another online retailer known for perfume discounts. It stocks more than 12,500 discounted fragrances and it has a few good gems as well as perfumes that are almost impossible to find elsewhere. I like the discounter for the way it lists certain fragrances. It takes you to a specific product page and it then lists all of the perfume’s versions size, concentrations, and compatible products.

Prices here are generally good, depending on your products. You can find cheap designer fragrances on the website as well as fairly-priced niche perfumes here. You can even filter them out by budget which helps not to get tempted to overspend (something I’m guilty of).

New arrivals are always fun to check out here as well. At the time when I’m writing this list, I’m just looking at Roja’s Qatar that is now in stock at FragranceX. It’s a nice surprise from the Gulf line, but the website also sells plenty of other best fragrances that last long.

A few unique FragranceX strengths

  • Free shipping with services such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS
  • An option for second-day express delivery and preferential Canada rates
  • The discounter ships tracked parcels internationally
  • You can shop testers
  • Plenty of trustful fragrance reviews

Payment methods

There are multiple payment methods accepted by FragranceX which include the obvious VISA and Mastercard transaction. You can also pay using Discover, American Express, JCB, PayPal, Afterpay, and Apple Pay.


US shipping is free for orders over $35. You pay $5.95 on smaller value orders. You pay around $6 per item for international delivery.

Perfume prices

A bottle of Calvin Klein Eternity costs $35.12.

Call FragranceX to ask about a perfume



You might think perfumes on discount are everywhere. This is very far from the truth. Most perfumes today are rarely discounted at a ‘wow’ price in shopping malls. This is the reason discounters such as Luckyscent can be a valuable alternative for those without thick wallets.

I was always intrigued by online stores with a ‘now trending’ section. Is it true these perfumes are trending or is it a simple marketing feature which shows different products from time to time?

I will never know the answer to this question and seeing Molecule 01 as well as Zeste De Gingembre among the nominees makes me wonder if they are truly as popular as Luckyscent claims.

On the other hand, the section for new perfumes is among the first to show the fresh Amouage Interlude Black Iris, which can only be a major reason to pull the credit card out.

What you’ll feel limited on with Luckyscent is the limited availability of designer fragrances.

A few unique Luckyscent strengths

  • A library of video reviews to watch before buying
  • A cool selection of niche perfume brands
  • Included option for gift certificates
  • Hosted on a very simple website
  • Very fast website loading speed

Payment methods

American Express, VISA, Mastercard, and Discover are the official payment methods at Luckyscent.


Standard shipping rates of $8 apply. For second-day delivery on the continental US, you pay $20.

Perfume prices

Calvin Klein is not stocked by Luckyscent.

Call Luckyscent to ask about a perfume

(323) 931-8297

Twisted Lily

As one of the perfume discount website with a modern design, Twisted Lily looks like an e-shop that’s made in this century. You will find many interesting fragrances here but you shouldn’t expect the same variety you see on FragranceX and similar websites. Instead, you will see excellent perfumes such as Ormonde Man and El Cosmico at feasible prices.

However, the online store is not a true discounter in the way that it greets you with a plethora of options all at a very low price. You have to dig deep to find a better price at some of the perfumes here. However, all impressive discovery sets on Twisted Lily are affordable and it can be the simplest method of getting to know new and different fragrances.

Niche brands are a real thing at Twisted Lily and you’ll certainly stand out wearing most of them. Yet again, this is not the place to shop for your typical designer fragrances.

A few unique Twisted Lily strengths

  • Plenty of good niche brands to choose from
  • Payment in instalments with AfterPay
  • A feeling of a local perfume boutique online
  • Affordable compare to other specialized niche perfumeries
  • Not the best store to begin the fragrance journey for a beginner

Payment methods

AfterPay, ApplePay, American Express, Visa, Google Pay, Mastercard, PayPal,


Internal US shipping and international shipping from New Jersey.

Perfume prices

No Calvin Klein in stock.

Call Twisted Lilly to ask about a perfume

(201) 416-6818


Maxaroma is showing a lot of potentials. It has a wide selection of brands which includes one of the internet’s favourite, Armaf. One of the undergoing campaigns on the website at the time of this post is 15% off when you spend $200.

Based in New York, Maxaroma should have very fast shipping on the East Coast. Maxaroma price is reasonable for many of their scents and it’s certainly a place where both new and experienced fragrance fans meet.

A bottle of CK Eternity costs $36.74 at Maxaroma and you don’t have to pay and sales tax if you live outside New York. For those who like to get lost among thousands of perfumes, there’s plenty to see here.


Amazon fragrances are neither counterfeit nor genuine. People tend to forget there are thousands of fragrance sellers on which have little to do with the store itself apart from signing a few documents. Amazon doesn’t directly put their hands on all of the fragrances that get shipped through their platform.

However, if you manage to find a reputable seller, low prices are somewhat very easy to filter on Amazon. Discounted cologne is also very easy to find on Amazon. However, its role is changing over the past few years. At the moment, they remain one of my preferred places to look for user reviews as the platform allows you to upload photos, which can be helpful when establishing if your fragrance is fake.

Notino closed its US store. It has had its issues with Chanel perfumes which were probably decided in court. Eventually, both Notino and Chanel concluded, but the store was closed in the US.

One of the possible issue for Notino on the North American market was with fragrance distribution. Others believe Notino sold products it shouldn’t have been selling.

Notino is available in most European countries and if you have friends in one of these countries, it might be worth checking up on them to get your hands on some of the best fragrances of the moment.

In a sense, Notino is Europe’s FragranceX. At the moment, there’s no hope of seeing the store in the United States. At the same time, a voice says there might be an option for US shipping in the future from one of the Notino European stores.

It’s been a few years since has closed its doors. I wouldn’t hold my breath for it to come back although there’s a clear lack of a brand with a worldwide presence.

For our European friends, feel free to check out the following.

Notino presence in different countries

Our friends at Fragrancebuy also abide by a discount on fragrances policy. There are a few interesting perfumes here for both men and women, as a result, they make it on our list of perfume discounters. Most of them are discounted or they seem discounted which can be all that’s needed to get into perfumes.

The store has its range of benefits such as a simple website that loads fast. But it also seems a bit geared towards high volumes first and maybe this is why you won’t find any description on some of its perfumes. As a newbie, you’ll need to Google the products if you want to find out more about their notes and their history.


Which is better – FragranceX or FragranceNet?

Both FragranceX and FragranceNet are real discounters worth your attention. As discounters, they might have some issues with long delivery times as it takes longer for them to ship out your orders. Both offers discounted fragrances but FragranceNet has the highest discounts.

How does FragranceX sell so cheap?

FragranceX sells products online. There are no overheads such as paying for physical premises in top locations in different cities. They ship from warehouses in industrial areas like many other discounters. FragranceX also sells cheap as it purchases large quantities of perfume at once, which allows them to get preferential prices.

Does Amazon sell perfume?

Amazon sells perfume both directly. Different sellers also sell perfume on Amazon, abiding by the store’s rules. You can order perfumes on Amazon from all sellers without knowing you’re purchasing from a third-party seller. Discount on fragrances are frequent on Amazon.