Nautica Voyage Review – The Cheapest Oceanic Cologne

This Nautica Voyage review aims to look at one of the cheapest summer fragrances in detail. We know that Nautica released Voyage in 2006. Since then, this has become the best-selling perfume at several retailers including Amazon.

The perfume is widely known to many men, specifically due to its scent profile. Cucumber and aquatic notes make the Nautica Voyage cologne one of the best when it comes to overall summertime versatility. As soon as the temperature starts to drop, the bad things about this cologne become even worse.

Nautica Voyage smells like fresh cucumber

There are only a few notes (highly synthetic) in the Nautica Voyage. It starts with green apple and green cucumber notes.

Lotus and mimosa are its floral mid notes.

Musk, cedar, oakmoss, and amber are its base accords.

To me, this perfume is mostly about the green apple, aquatic notes, and even a mild lily note. Perfect for hot summer days, this is also the best men’s sports fragrance.

Where to use Nautica Voyage

It seems most men wear Nautica Voyage outdoors in the sun, where it tends to shine the most. Any other sporty activities are going to be perfect for this cologne

No matter how hard you try to justify why people like such a cheap cologne, you won’t get an answer apart from its freshness. Voyage is one of the best colognes for compliments. You will not wear it in public 2 days in a row without someone asking what it is that you’re wearing. Women love this cologne on men more than men.

Consider its weak longevity

Nautica Voyage only lasts about 2-3 hours on the skin. It might last even less if you apply a single spritz.

However, you might carry it with you in your gym bag and you can re-apply the cologne as needed throughout the day.

But some men fail to acknowledge this is a daytime scent. Why would you even want it to last through the evening when it’s made for sunny days out?

Voyage is best in hot climates

You will struggle to understand why Nautica Voyage has more than 33.000 reviews on Amazon if you don’t live in a hot climate. If you live in the UK, Norway, Sweden, and even Canada, you might not get the hype.

If you live in California, Texas, Florida, India, Australia, Italy, Spain, or if you go on vacation to tropical destinations, you will start to understand why Voyage is as hyped as it is.

Still, you shouldn’t expect the fragrance to smell expensive. It even smells cheap. But it works.


Is Nautica Voyage a good cologne?

Nautica Voyage is a good cologne in hot and humid weather. It smells green-fresh and a bit aquatic. Its notes are synthetic and longevity is limited up to 2 hours. But the cologne is good in hot weather or for sports.

Which is better between Nautica Voyage and Nautica Blue?

Both Voyage and Blue are made for the summer. Nautica Blue is a bit sweeter and richer as it comes with pineapple, peach, and sandalwood as opposed to the green aquatic notes of Nautica Voyage.

Is Nautica Voyage long-lasting?

Most men say Nautica Voyage lasts between 1 and 2 hours on the skin. You will need to apply at least 4 sprays for it to last a couple of hours.

Are there any fake Nautica Voyage colognes?

There are plenty of fake Nautica Voyage colognes to stay away from. Since it’s a discount fragrance, you can simply purchase it at its regular price from an authorized dealer to avoid fake fragrances.