10 Fragrances That Last Long – Smell Good All Day

fragrances that last long

These 10 best fragrances that last long are correct choices f you don’t want to waste money on perfume. Some of them last all day while others can even last 48 hours. While there are many other long-lasting fragrances that you can consider for daily use, these are already tried and tested. Cologne doesn’t necessarily […]

Best Fragrances to Layer – Mix These PerfumesFor A Unique Scent

Best Fragrances to Layer

The best fragrances to layer include Jo Malone, Amani, and Aqua di Parma. Some perfumes such as those made by Jo Malone are specifically blended for layering and the manufacturer recommends mixing them. Others are mixed accidentally or experimentally with different results. Perfume-makers are either fine with perfume layering or they’re against it. A traditional […]

Dior J’adore vs Miss Dior vs Joy – Which Perfume To Get?

Dior J’adore vs Miss Dior

If you’re looking to purchase Dior J’adore or Miss Dior, you might be in for a surprise. You can use them in spring, summer, fall, and even winter. But Dior Joy and J’adore Absolu are valuable alternatives. Let’s start from the beginning. You’re new to the Dior line and you want to purchase one of […]