30 Best Gym Fragrances For Men To Lift Weights And Smell Awesome

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You don’t need to spend hours looking for the best gym fragrance for men. I’ve already found them for you and it took months to research and test them out on my own. Going to the gym is one of my passions.

I train hard every day.

But fragrances are my biggest passion.

As a result, I need to combine training at the gym and men’s fragrances. I know some of you don’t agree with wearing fragrances to the gym.

But I’m not trying to bring discomfort to those around me as I mostly only apply 1-2 sprays of the following fragrances just enough so that I can feel them myself. Others notice these fragrances, but mainly when standing close to me.

This doesn’t happen at the leg press. Most guys skip leg day. Jokes aside, here are the best perfumes to keep in your gym bag.

  1. Versace Dylan Blue

It’s a bit complicated to pull a gym fragrance when you’re man indoors. Some of my friends would even advise against using a fragrance while working out in the first place.

But I think you may be able to find a good fragrance such as the Dylan Blue, apply it with 1-2 sprays, feel good and smell good while lifting weights or hitting the treadmill.

Arguably, speaking, Dylan Blue (along with Invictus) is the most popular fragrances at my gym. I’ve also seen guys in the locker-room with Sauvage, but mainly after they shower and get ready for their day.

Dylan Blue has that luxurious yet lightweight feel which I think characterized gym fragrances for men.

Water notes, fig leaf, and Calabrian bergamot are in the opening. Its almost as if you can spray this while you’re at the gym they’re so refreshing.

Violet leaf, papyrus, patchouli, black pepper, and ambroxan are among the midnotes.

I’ve also said before it comes with saffron, tonka bean, and incense.

Now, for the workout purpose, please go light on this one. You don’t want to choke people out on their deadlift. 

Why it works for the gym

  • At has a masculine vibe
  • It’s not heavy
  • Very aquatic and refreshing for training
  • It works on most men over 18

  1. Eau de Lacoste L.12.12

You’ve probably guessed this men’s fragrance is going to be in the top 3 gym recommendations. It works well.

I’ve learned to love it for workouts form a tennis player.

It was mid-August when he invited me for a quick tennis match on grass and he sprayed it right before the game started on his polo shirt. I was hooked.

Given its low price, you may always keep one of these Lacoste bottles in your gym bag.

Its name has a bit of history as well, it’s not just a marketing flop.

It symbolizes Petit Pique used in its manufacturing and the 12 various batched used in the testing and research period of the fragrance.

Now, men have a choice of 30ml and 100ml bottles. But since its affordable, I’d go with the larger version myself.

Rosemary, grapefruit, and cardamom are its top accords.

Ylang-ylang and tuberose make their way after the initial minutes of it settling on the skin.

Virginia cedar, vetiver, suede leather are also there in the drydown. 

Why it works for the gym

  • Very fresh with that showery feel
  • 2-3 hours longevity to cover any workout
  • It smells clean, just what men need at the gym
  • A slight fruity profile is there as well

  1. Paco Rabanne Invictus

Staying on the same lime with Eau de Lacoste but adding a bit of spice, projection, and longevity eventually lead to Invictus.

If someone would to ask me what a gym fragrance is, I’d simply point them out to summertime fragrances to make things easy and this would be their first stop.

However, I don’t use it anymore on my workouts as I mostly use the aforementioned men’s fragrance until I finish that bottle.

Of course, Invictus was written everywhere the Roman Empire went. In English, it translates like invincible. Now for men, when I squat my PR I certainly feel invincible and it’s why it sits next to my pre-workout whenever I want to go harder than usual at the gym.

Mandarin orange, sea notes, and grapefruit are among its opening accords.

Bay leaf and jasmine are also there.

Guaiac wood, ambergris, and patchouli complete the top-selling fragrance.

The best part is that you can start new conversations at the gym with it as other men are also wearing it. 

Why it works for the gym

  • An excellent choice for cool men
  • It packs a punch and it lasts for 7+ hours
  • It may not be revolutionary, but it’s safe for an enclosed place as the gym

  1. Moschino Uomo

This woody floral-musk fragrance works well for the gym. I still don’t understand why it’s not available in all parts of the world. I’ll make sure to include some links on where to get it as more men need to try it.

While it has mixed opinions in general, I think it’s macho profile is exactly what someone with big muscles needs.

It’s a safe buy but it has a luxurious feel.

For example, it has a very distinct and rare kumquat lemon opening which has the attention of everyone around.

A type of coriander is there as well to add a bit of spice.

Cyclamen and labdanum are there in the drydown. It has a bit of that barbershop clean vibe.

A bit of ambergris and wormwood are there in the drydown.

But most of all, I think it reminds me of an old soap I used to wash my hands with a few years ago. Maybe it was Vinolia, but I couldn’t place a finger on it. 

Why it works for the gym

  • Men smell clean and soapy with it
  • Its 5+ hours longevity is good
  • It’s very versatile to wear for the rest of the day

  1. Givenchy Play Sport

Yes, this is an Amyris wood release as a few other Givenchys and it’s worth adding it to your fragrance shopping list.

Mint, lemon, bergamot and ginger flower are its refreshing accords in the opening.

Amyris and pepper are then stronger after about 20-30 minutes.

Musk is what remains in the end.

This is the type of men’s fragrance I’d see on gym-goers up to the age of 25. But if you sweat heavily during workouts, it’s also something to consider for yourself. 

Why it works for the gym

  • Very citrusy and lightweight
  • It doesn’t smell awful when mixed with sweat
  • The fragrance lasts at least 5 hours on most men

  1. Burberry Touch

If you’re looking for something a bit better in a damp gym or somewhere where the ventilation is not working at optimum standards, Touch might be your option of choice.

Artemesia and violet leaf add a bit of floral relaxation to your heavy gym air.

Mandarin, orange, and nutmeg are interesting additions where they add to that summery vibe which is certainly the only way to go while bench pressing.

Violet is what makes it attractive. But men need to rest assured it’s not too juicy for workouts. 

Why it works at the gym

  • It’s a timeless fragrance
  • The men’s fragrance is not intrusive at all
  • It may work for those unsure about wearing a fragrance at the gym at all
  • Very affordable

  1. Chanel Allure Home Sport

Even judging by the way the bottle looks you’d be able to tell the fragrance is made for sportswear.

It has that metallic auto look which works well to tell this to the wearer.

Aldehydes, sea notes, orange, and mandarin are in its refreshing opening.

Cedar, neroli, and pepper have been correctly pointed out by reviewers immediately after the opening.

White musk, amber, vetiver, and vanilla are there in the drydown.

OK, so it comes from a popular house but you won’t see it very much at the gym. Its higher price might have something to do with this I think. 

Why it works for the gym

  • Very fresh, cloudy, and sensual
  • It projects for 3-4 hours
  • It remains on the skin up to 8 hours
  • Yes, it’s better than the original

  1. Burberry Sport For Men

This fragrance was launched in 2010 as part of a new sports line at the British designer. It is the creation of Sonia Constant (Mugler Cologne Fly Away), Nathalie Gracia-Cetto (Dior Higher Energy), and Antoine Maisondieu (Montblanc Explorer).

Wheat, grass, grapefruit, and ginger are its top notes.

Juniper berries and sea notes are it mid accords.

Musk, Virginia cedar, and amber are its base accords.

The fragrance has a linear performance. Men should not expect something out of the blue here but rather a safe clean performance.

Among its drawbacks, its reduced longevity often comes up. But it’s not such an issue at the gym. 

Why it works for the gym

  • It works with sporty attire
  • While not versatile outside the gym, the fragrance is affordable
  • Many young men consider it for daily workouts
  • The 75ml Eau de Toilette is just the right size for the gym bag


  1. Bvlgari Man Extreme

Alberto Morilas is the nose behind Man Extreme. The men’s fragrance is one of the underappreciated releases mainly due to its unusual notes and limited sports use.

But gym-goes find its performance very good in the summer heat due to its cactus-vibe and solid during the winter months as well based on the amber, benzoin and cardamom midnotes.

Now, the fragrance is very masculine. I’m particularly fond of the citrus-cactus opening which is an interesting blend. At the gym, it has that unobtrusive quality to it as well.

It will disappoint you if you’re looking for beast-mode longevity. It only projects for 1 hour and it then remains a skin scent for up to 6 hours.

When it comes to the ideal wearer, its subtle performance made its choice. It works on mature men or anyone looking to highlight their grown-up style. I don’t see it on teenage men at all. 

Why it works for the gym

  • Lively multi-faced performer
  • Cactus makes it feel like it’s made for heat and sweat
  • Men wear it both during the summer and during the winter
  • It has a cooling vibe that is underappreciated

  1. Prada Amber Pour Homme

There are a few basic accords in Amber Pour Homme which make it an interesting option for your cleans and jerks. It resembles a soap bar, a very expensive luxurious soap bar. On men, it feels like a clean performer.

You shouldn’t expect a heavy amber performer here.

Friendly and sensitive, it’s only a fragrance for the gym. However, you’ll struggle to underline your sensual side on dates or integrate it at the office. It gains minimum points on versatility.

The main notes of amber, Fougere, leather, and cologne are supported by background accords to offer it the soapy formulation suitable for gym use.

The fragrance has a mandarin orange, neroli, bergamot and cardamom opening.

Orange blossom, musk, vetiver, geranium, and myrrh are there for the drydown.

Leather, labdanum, sandalwood, tonka, patchouli, saffron and vanilla round up the base notes.

While it has minimum versatility, I’d also recommend it for active days when you go trekking as a result of its increased longevity. It might not be a good idea to consider it for other types of activities as stated above. 

Why it works for the gym

  • It has a soapy quality
  • The fragrance projects for 3 hours
  • Men smell it on their skin up to 8 hours
  • Suitable for chic man in their 20’s

  1. Dior Sauvage

I wouldn’t necessarily wear Sauvage at the gym but I understand this is my opinion alone. At nearly every gym I went, I smelled it on someone. This means men like it.

It’s no wonder given its selling like hotcakes.

As a versatile fragrance, it gets very good feedback in reviews. For me, its projection of around 4 hours is sufficient to power through workouts as I’m taking showers after my training anyways.

But if men apply it after their shower at the gym, they’ll feel it on the skin for the rest of the day.

Pepper and Calabrian bergamot are in its opening.

Geranium, lavender, elemi, Sichuan pepper, pink pepper, patchouli, and vetiver are its mids.

Cedar, ambroxan, and labdanum are its base notes.

Now, men need to expect reactions to it. I’ve yet to see someone who doesn’t love it, hate it or comment on it at my gym.

As far as compliments go, women will make their way around you to ensure you’re the one smelling so good at the gym. I think it the highest praise in this environment. 

Why it works for the gym

  • It has a punch and it cuts through the body heat
  • It very versatile both before, during and after the gym
  • The fragrance attracts a lot of compliments from women
  • You should apply it’s sparingly due to its pepper explosion vibe

  1. Jean-Paul Gaultiere Popeye

Nobody has better muscles than popeye, well, at least in the upper body.

This fragrance opens up as one of the popular options for active men.

Aldehydes, neroli, and mint are in the opening with an emphasis on the later.

Sage, clary sage, ambroxan, and woody notes are in the mids.

Vanilla, sandalwood and tonka bean are in the bottom notes.

As a modern version of Le Male, it does wonders for anyone looking to get that clean gym vibe.

I think it is superior to the original Le Male in the setting.

There’s a lot of heat around gyms and it is an area where the fragrance handles well.

But I also know not everybody likes it. Those who don’t like it usually mention its bubblegum profile. A juvenile fragrance it might be so I see it on younger men. 

Why it works for the gym

  • Fresh mint works well for heavy workouts
  • It has a soft marine side to add to that laid back vibe
  • The fragrance has a printed Popeye on the bottle
  • 5+ hours projection
Find it here on Amazon
  1. Nautica Voyage

The fresh-salty fragrance can be one of the most interesting budgets in addition to your gym cologne collection. It’s affordable, generally pleasant and well-received and not too expensive.

It ticks many boxes and for what it’s worth it can be as versatile as you’d like.

Of course, it won’t win any originality prizes anymore, but I think that’s not its purpose.

Green leaves and green apple notes dominate its refreshing opening.

Mimosa and lotus add to its delicate midnotes.

Amber, musk, oakmoss, and cedar are its base notes.

I will say that it gets a lot of hype, sometimes I wonder if that’s fair to other fragrances.

Sure, you can always go cheaper to releases as Shalis Remy Marquis. But do you need to?

No, there’s no point in looking for better performance while at the gym.

The problem many have with it is its success. It gets compliments more than many other expensive fragrances. It is as if we expect to get more compliments the more we spend on fragrances. 

Why it works at the gym

  • Excellent fresh notes with a playful profile
  • Cheap to purchase and cheap to replace
  • It has a unique profile 50% aquatic and 50% floral
  • Many say it’s not memorable

  1. Reflection Man Amouage For Men

The fragrance might be one of the few niche options which I’d consider for the gym.

It has rosemary, pink pepper, and petitgrain opening accords.

Orris root, jasmine, neroli, and ylang-ylang are among its midnotes.

Sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, and patchouli are named among its base accords.

For me, it has a fresh soapy feel which makes it a worthwhile investment. It even gets compliments outside the gym as it’s a crowd-pleaser. 

Why it works for the gym

  • Soapy clean smell
  • It gets a few compliments from women
  • 3 sprays are enough for medium projection
  • It comes with 3+ hours projection

  1. Armani Acqua di Giò Profumo

Without a big surprise, Armani makes some of the most interesting fragrances for active men. Of course, we’re not talking about sweet fragrances as Absolu. Acqua di Gio the Profumo version is the one you need.

The fragrance has that lightweight vibe.

Sea notes and bergamot dominate the lightweight opening.

Geranium, rosemary, and sage are its strong midnotes.

Incense and patchouli are also there.

Its DNA is close to the original and this is where you should draw the line. If you’re a younger man, the original Acqua di Gio is the right option for you.

The Profumo version comes with added rosemary and incense which might be harder to tolerate by younger men. But if you want to try something fresh from the house of Armani, you can kick these unwritten rules to the curb and just go with what suits you best. There’s no wrong choice between these two fragrances.

Why it works for the gym

  • Very fresh and masculine at the same time
  • It improves your confidence and comfort with its aquatic notes
  • 2-hours longevity with one spray

  1. YSL L’Homme Sport

The sports line from YSL comes out as one of the most appealing options for increased confidence at the gym. Not that many men should rely on a fragrance to boost their confidence. But this fragrance has that effect.

I’ve discussed it with a few friends. Most of them have tried it looking for that special summertime sporty release.

It’s now available at a very good price if you look hard enough.

Now, is it the type of fragrance with the best performance? Probably not, regardless of your pH. But it works.

In the opening, it greets you with bergamot, verbena smell, and aldehydes.

Corriander and woody notes become more prominent after a few minutes.

There are very little amber and cedarwood to tie everything together.

This is the type of fragrance you can smell on your skin for up to 12 hours. However, it does not project for too long. 

While it works for the gym

  • It has an interesting oxygen-style vibe
  • It applies in small quantities not to be overload the senses
  • It has just a bit of spice
  • Projection is minimal and you can’t expect it to last much longer after your workout

  1. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport Issey Miyake For Men

This scent is a new formula to the original Homme Sport launched in 2012 to replace the outgoing 1994 release. It is a bit polarizing but I think it is a worthy option for active users.

Those who have a problem with its DNA are mainly men who’ve already tried the original. But the fragrance is different and I think it should only be judged on its own as a result.

Bergamot and grapefruit are among its top notes.

Leather and nutmeg have a strong presence.

Woody notes are also present alongside ambergris and I think they’re a nice compliment without taking the formula too far from its summery vibe.

For me, it has a metallic profile as well. However, you’d need to wear it properly for the side of it to come to life. This means taking a shower and applying it before the actual workout.

Why it works for the gym

  • It projects for a couple of hours
  • The scent remains on the skin for up to 6 hours
  • Not cheap, but certainly more affordable than other gym fragrances
  • Not for men who don’t like floral notes

  1. Cartier Declaration

Declaration is one of the most polarizing fragrances for the gym. It’s heavy on cumin but I think it works on sophisticated men.

Unlike other fragrances, this has its lane and it stays in it until it fades from the skin.

Those who don’t like it compare it to the smell of sweat on the skin. However, it might be because they’re wearing it wrong.

In the opening, you’ll find notes such as Artemisia, caraway, coriander, birch, mandarin, bergamot, neroli, and bitter orange. Make sure you spray it at least 20 minutes before hitting the gym as for its bitter orange accord.

Middle notes include iris, ginger, Guatemalan cardamom, jasmine, orris, juniper, pepper, and sandalwood.

Leather, amber, tea, Tahitian vetiver, oakmoss, and cedar are there as well.

However, I’d still advise you on how to apply this fragrance. Make sure you take a shower before hitting the gym. This is the only way you can get the most out of its sophisticated profile. But even so, it is not something younger men could be very fond of.

Why it works for the gym

  • Spicy and nostalgic
  • Not a fragrance for all men
  • Strong cumin and bitter orange impact
  • Not for teenage guys

  1. Lalique Encre Noire Sport

This is a less-smoky version as the original. It might be a flanker, but it has that gym profile you’re looking for.

Cypress is among its strongest notes on the skin and it has that green appeal as the liquid color itself.

Lavender, citrus, and vetiver are strong performers here as well.

Nathalie Lorson, the nose behind Encre Noire Sport did vetiver right here.

Nutmeg, bergamot, and grapefruit are in the opening.

Lavender, cypress and aquatic notes dominate its drydown, as stated above.

A few types of vetiver (Bourbon, Haitian) cashmere wood and musk are there as base accords.

The fragrance also has its complaints from fragrance purists. They’ve told me how it’s not actually a gym fragrance and that it’s too this or too that. But none of these guys works out. In conclusion, t’s one of my preferred fragrances for workouts.

Yes, it’s not as casual as Dylan Blue. However, it’s more masculine and this is why I use it on leg day where stuff gets serious. 

Why it works for the gym

  • Excellent mild masculine accords
  • Cypressy-aquatic whiffs make it a summer breeze
  • Very affordable for what it is
  • 6+ hours projection

  1. Mugler Cologne

The fragrance is probably the simplest on this list. It’s as if it’s filled with air touching green grass. As a result, it has that gym appeal as so many of its users have noted.

It is also one of the rare names on which most men agree it’s made for the gym.

Men can expect that shower soapy feel to come with this lightweight performer. It might be just Alberto Morila’s genius here, but its handful of ingredients are just what men need when doing their bicep curls.

Neroli, petitgrain, and bergamot are in the opening.

African orange flower becomes even more prominent soon after the opening.

There’s a very lightweight musk on the fragrance as well.

If your gym doesn’t have air conditioning, this type of fragrance might be the only one you can get away with.

Since its release, I think this fragrance has increased in price. But it remains an affordable option for most people and given its applied sparingly, it should last well above 6 months if used frequently.

Why it works for the gym

  • Similar to the Irish Spring Soap
  • Fantastic in sunny weather
  • It shows its vibes in the summer heat
  • The fragrance lasts on the skin for about 4 hours

  1. Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels For Men Eau de Toilette

To me, the fragrance is still not dead. While it was popular when it was first released, the Olivier Polge and Domitille Michalon Bertier creation are a must-have if you’re looking for an urban profile at the gym.

There are no other fragrances on this list which would first be described as urban. It works for men under 25 and for those who want to feel modern.

Leather and soft incense are partly responsible for its appeal. These accords are not necessarily orientated for men in this formula as women have been known for wearing it as well.

Holly, leather, rosemary, bergamot, and lime are its opening notes.

Styrax, tea, and lily-of-the-valley are among its midnotes.

Incense, benzoin, tonka, amber, and almond are its base accords.

Why it works for the gym

  • It doesn’t seem unnatural in the gym
  • It has a mild profile
  • 3+ hours projection
  • Its flat bottle fits small gym bag pockets

  1. CK One Summer

Aquatic notes, tea and

driftwood is the handful notes of this summery scent.

Of course, this is also one of my favorite gym scents. It comes with the light breezy formulation which reminds me of walking on sand beaches barefoot.

In about 30 minutes to an hour, this summertime fragrance turns into a driftwood whiff. But it should cover most workouts. Since it doesn’t invade you or those around you, it may be a daily option for frequent workouts. 

Why it works for the gym

  • Very lightweight as it reminds of the beach
  • Partially dominated by water and driftwood
  • It won’t project more than an hour
  • Very affordable

  1. Armaf Derby Club House Blanche

Often named as a clone of Creed Mountain Water, Derby Club House Blanche is a good option for those who might be looking for cheap gym fragrances.

It is a lot easier to wear than other Armaf releases and you shouldn’t worry too much about its impact on those around you.

The fragrance has a weak projection which limits the ‘damage’ you can do in the gym.

A few sprays of the fragrance are going to last a maximum of two hours.

However, I also think the fragrance should be given credit for what it is and not judged as a clone. It has a bit of citrus inspiration and a bit of metal powderiness which makes it unique, very close to a niche fragrance. If you’re a fan of niche fragrances, check out my comprehensive read on the best Mancera fragrances for men for my experience with this French house. 

Why it works for the gym

  • It’s not as invasive as other niche fragrances
  • The fragrance is available at a good price
  • It projects for an hour
  • The fragrance lasts up to 10 hours as a skin scent

  1. CK Eternity Aqua

I use this fragrance at home, shopping and occasionally to the gym. For men, it has that unpretentious profile with the sweet summery vibe which is highly versatile.

As all Eternity fragrances, it’s very popular and easily available in stores.

It has a soapy profile that has made its name instantly recognizable in the fragrance world.

With citruses, lotus, cucumber and green notes opening, it instantly lifts your mood and gets you ready for your workout.

Sichuan pepper, lavender, plums, and cedar are its mid notes which are there for a short period.

Guaiac wood and patchouli are also present on the skin until it evaporates from the skin, rather quickly by my standards.

Why it works for the gym

  • Lightweight performer
  • It has a fresh soapy profile
  • Its weak 2-hours projection covers most workouts

  1. Polo Blue Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has many fragrances that could be considered for active men. Polo Blue is one of my personal favorites as it has that timeless lightweight appeal for any type of workout. Even outdoors when I’m playing sports, it is hard to match.

Cucumber, mandarin orange, and melon are its top notes.

Geranium, sage, and basil are also there in the drydown.

Musk, suede, and woodsy notes are also present.

In the summer, you might also be tempted to spray it on, particularly during casual nighttime events and I support it for such occasions.

Why it works for the gym

  • 2+ hours projection
  • Versatile for all types of physical activities
  • The cucumber accord work during the summer heat

  1. Calvin Klein CK Everyone

Released in February 2020, the fragrance has quickly put itself on my gym colognes for men’s options.

Ginger and orange oil are its refreshing opening notes.

Watery notes and tea are its dominating mid accords.

Cedar, musk, amber, and patchouli improve its silage and longevity.

Its bright orange accords with the added greens are also something you might feel comfortable with once you leave the gym. It might not work if you’re not training in the summer, but on the hot months of the year, it has excellent outdoor attractiveness.

Why it works for the gym

  • 3-4 hours projection
  • It settles down after 30 minutes
  • Suitable for men who want a new gym fragrance

  1. Spicebomb Eau Fraiche

This 2014 release reminds me of Dior Sauvage at times.

It has pink pepper, pepper, and grapefruit opening notes.

Lavender, sea salt and elemi are among its midnotes.

Tobacco, amber, and moss are its base accords.

Why it works for the gym

An excellent complement-getter

Considerable easier to live with than the regular Spice Bomb.

Why it works for the gym

  • It has a unique scent, but not in the opening
  • It has a citric profile
  • 3+ hours longevity

  1. Joop! Homme Sport

Mint, bergamot, and ginger are in the opening of the 2016 Antoine Lie creation.

Sea salt, sea notes, orange blossom, and leather are its midnotes.

Tonka bean is added to round it up.

If you like Joop! Homme, this lightweight alternative turns the original fragrance into something which can be enjoyed at the gym. 

Why it works for the gym

  • Fresh, aquatic with a summertime zing
  • It has a beach salty profile
  • It lasts for about 4-5 hours

  1. Diesel Only The Brave Street

If you’re new to the fragrance scene and you need something sweet and youthful for the gum, Only The Brave Street is among the top 5-10 options.

It has herbal-citrusy notes with a punch of sweetness.

Not everybody likes aquatic notes at the gym and this sweet alternative has been named by a few men.

Thyme, basil, and cardamom also give it a spicier note alongside hedione and sweet vanilla. 

Why it works for the gym

  • It has an inviting sweet scent
  • It projects for 3 hours
  • Those who don’t like it say it smells like bubblegum

  1. Dolce & Gabbana The One Sport

The fragrance is among the favorite of D&G fans regardless of its short performance. If Men’s Sana In Copore Sano is its motto, I believe it.

Rosemary and water notes are in the opening.

Sequoia and cardamom are valuable midnotes with a distinct profile.

Patchouli and musk are there in the drydown. 

Why it works for the gym

  • Pleasant sweet herbal scent with a hint of aquatic notes
  • It lasts more than the average sporty fragrances
  • Available in 30ml, 50ml, and 10ml versions

Final considerations

Without a doubt, there are other fragrances I could have included on the list. For time and space reasons, I’ve limited it at the moment. But there are other fragrances to be considered among the best gym colognes for men.


I’ve been particularly looking to try out 23 by Michael Jordan. It’s not too expensive, but for some reason, I go in other directions when purchasing new fragrances. Let me know if it’s worth buying. If you have other gym fragrances for men’s suggestions, feel free to also leave them below.