Dior Homme Parfum Review – Niche Gold Not Discontinued

dior homme parfum review

Dior Homme Parfum is a distinct leather scent with an intense iris. It hasn’t been discontinued as it lives on in a new form of 100ml (compared to the old 75ml version). The composition comes in an Eau de parfum concentration and it is sporadically available at online retailers as well as select physical stores. […]

5 Best Initio Parfums Fragrance Lovers Save Up For

The best Initio Parfums include Blessed Baraka, Rehab, and Side Effect.  There are 14 fragrances made by the Initio Parfums Prive brand. Rehab is the latest Initio perfume released in 2018. As far as the best niche perfumes go, Initio is an unofficial king of this category. It represents a value proposition within the space. […]