7 Best Lavender Perfumes Actually Worth It

Penhaligon’s Lavandula is the best lavender perfume. It is closely followed by Tom Ford’s Extreme Lavender in the quality of the formulation. Otherwise, Montale’s Aoud Lavander is the type of lavender scent you can try on a budget without sacrificing longevity. One of the main attributes of lavender is just how calming and alluring it […]

Does Cologne Freeze?

Cologne doesn’t freeze near the typical freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius, 273 degrees Kelvin). Most types of cologne come with a minimum alcohol content of 80%. Their high ethanol content prevents fragrances from freezing at these temperatures. The higher the alcohol content, the lower the freezing temperature of perfume is. Pure […]

Does Cologne Stain Clothes?

Most types of cologne can stain clothes. The darker a cologne is the higher staining potential it has. Linen and cotton are typically prone to staining with the possibility of spraying perfume on such materials from a distance (15cm) without leaving any marks. We all love cologne and we use it as much as possible. […]

Does Cologne Need to be Shaken?

Cologne doesn’t need to be shaken as it’s made out of moving molecules. These molecules are only static if left below freezing temperature (32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius). Even if shaken, you still get unmixed cologne that is already inside the spray tube.