5 Best Perfumes That Smell Like Grape

Some of the best perfumes that smell like grapes are made by popular brands such as Nishane, Dior, and Givenchy. These perfumes are generally either fruity or dark. Grape is a rare note in perfumes and mastering it typically involves balancing its sweetness.

There are tens and hundreds of types of grapes. Some of them are used in perfumes. But grape perfumes are rare. There’s a certain sweetness that’s associated with the perfumes where the grape is the dominant note. However, the good news is grape has a very playful fruity scent. The smell of grape is often the most playful but it’s still rare in perfumes.

Types of grape notes in perfumes

Not all grapes are equal and not all grape notes are the same. From what I understand to this moment, grape notes can be pure or influenced by certain nuances. The grape perfumes I smell fall under one of the following categories.

  • Pure grape

Pure grapes smell is fruity, sweet, maybe a bit zesty. This is the type of note you’re sure is grape. It tends to have strong silage as well.

  • Grape soda

Grape soda notes are also highly popular in perfumes. These are a type of diluted grape scents that smell even more playful.

  • Grape candy

Grape candy notes are a sweeter version of the grape. You can find this in perfumes for teenage girls such as Viva la Juicy Noir. Playful and strong, this is a type of grape scent that’s ideal in sweet perfumes.

5 Best Perfumes That Smell Like Grape

The following grape perfumes are worthy blind-buys. This is a term used in the perfume world for perfumes that are a worthy purchase even without smelling them first.

1.       Nishane Karagoz

Nishane Kargoz is a grape perfume that smells fruity. While the grape is listed as a headnote in this grape cologne, it’s present throughout its full projection cycle.

The perfume smells sweet with a grape interpretation. The grape note used by Nishane is complex, mature, almost wine-like. If you’ve fermented wine at home by yourself you know what to expect as it resembles the scent of grapes at the beginning of the fermentation process.

The grape note is skillfully mixed with pineapple and herbal notes in the opening. It’s a sweet herbal opening, ideal for fall, winter, or anyone looking for the best dark perfume.

Patchouli, jasmine, and neroli are its mid floral accords.

Vetiver, agarwood, and amber are its long-lasting base notes.

You can wear this perfume in any season, particularly in cold weather. While a unisex grape perfume, it leans slightly towards the masculine.

2.       Dior Poison

Dior Poison is the best plum perfume but it can certainly be interpreted as a grape perfume. Dior Poison smells like grape to me and it’s clear this interpretation has been getting more popular with other women. Ladies say the listed plum note in Poison is actually a grape note, as a purple perfume typically smells like.

Poison is also a great cold-weather perfume for women. It has all of the makings of a signature scent, especially for women who like dark perfumes or intense perfumes. It’s not something an introvert would wear, however.

Fruity notes such as grape/plum, wild berries, and coriander are added to the scent. Anise and Brazilian rosewood are also there in its poisonous opening.

Perfumes that smell like Dior Poison can never replicate their intense aroma in the drydown. It’s comprised of tuberose, incense, white honey, cinnamon, myrrh, carnation, jasmine, orange flower, and rose.

Vanilla, amber, sandalwood, musk, heliotrope, vetiver, and Virginia cedar are its base accords.

In essence, this is a grape tuberose perfume with intense undertones as listed above that lasts a whole day.

3.       L’Interdit Givenchy

L’Interdit smells similar to grape soda or grape candy even if the grape note isn’t listed in it. This perfume is a lighter grape fragrance for women and an ideal alternative to Dior Poison for the summer days.

Pear and bergamot are among its opening notes. The mixture of these scents somewhat leads to the scent of grape soda.

Tuberose is also the main star in this perfume. L’Interdit is, after all, a tuberose perfume, similar to Dior Poison.

Patchouli, vanilla, ambroxan, and vetiver are its base accords. The perfume projects strongly for about 2 hours and it lasts up to 7 hours on the skin.

4.       Viva La Juicy Noir

The Noire version of Via La Juicy smells of grape. You get Noir by mixing the original Viva La Juicy with grape and candy notes. However, it smells fantastic for those who like the smell of grapes, even if the note in itself is synthetic.

Wild berries and mandarin orange are among its fruity citrusy opening notes.

Gardenia, honeysuckle, and jasmine are its mid accords.

Caramel, vanilla, amber, and sandalwood are its base notes.

The bad part about Viva La Juicy Noir perfume is that it doesn’t last long. It tends to fade quickly after 2 hours on the skin which only recommends it for occasions where you don’t need your perfume to last a long time such as dates, shopping, and short travel.

5.       Guerlain Insolence Eau de Parfum

Guerlain’s Insolence eau de parfum is a masterpiece. This best Guerlain perfume for women who love the smell of grape has a scent that can be compared to grape lip gloss. Its lasting power is monumental. It lasts for 10-12 hours on the skin, making it a must-have if you like the smell of grapes.

Its notes include delicate but intense violet, iris, red berries with a grape influence, and extra dry notes.

While there are women that don’t like the smell of grape lip gloss, this candy-like grape interpretation has led to thousands of happy customers. Guerlain is already one of the most respected perfume houses. But Insolence is on another level.


Finding good grape perfumes is not easy. This tends to be an overlooked note in the fragrance world. Even more, many people are confusing it with plum notes or wild berry notes. As seen above with the case of Dior Poison, a perfume can smell of grapes even when all evidence is against this fact.

Grape perfumes are highly versatile in cold weather when they follow the profile listed above. They can also work in the summer as fruity perfumes are highly playful and inviting. The most amazing part about these grape fragrances is that they can be very easily turned towards a type of specific scent given the unisex profile of the grape.