5 Best Perfumes That Smell Like Pine Trees in The Forest of 2023

Have you ever wanted a true perfume that smells like pine trees for men? Or are you after a cologne that smells like pine trees for women?

There are only a handful of good perfumes that smell like the forest and all the coniferous in them worth your attention.

This 2023 selection is based on some of the newest releases with prices ranging from $10 to $100.

The best perfumes that smell like pine trees include those with cedar, moss, and fir notes. Forest Lungs from The Nue and Manscape Presevere Colognes match these notes in a modern way while Armani Eau de Cedre smells brings that classic forest scent to the table.

The following list shows what you can get in this space, regardless of your budget.

5 Best perfumes that smell like pine trees and the forest

With no further introduction, here are the colognes.

1.      The Nue Co Forest Lungs

There are perfumes that smell like pine trees and perfumes that smell like the forest. But none of them are as immersive and unique as The Forest Lungs perfume.

This unique scent for men comes with an updated formula that includes only a handful of ingredients such as pine, cedarwood, and bergamot.

While not specifically a perfume that smells like cedarwood, it has that woody mix to its pine scent with a totally modern interpretation.

It’s the effect? This is a relaxing perfume for the senses, just like any good pine fragrance should smell.

The inspiration for this scent came from the Japanese notion of forest bathing, an immersive forest experience.

You will pay around $20 for this relaxing men’s perfume. Still, you need to know its elegant green bottle comes with a 10ml capacity, so it won’t last as long as other scents in larger bottles.

2.      Manscaped Preserve Cologne

Not many perfumes smell like moss but Preserve Cologne does it in a manly modern way

This perfume combines some of the freshest scents in the woodlands such as green moss and cedarwood.

Its result? A manly fragrance that’s great for the summer and winter and has that simple punch worthy of a signature scent.

Uncomplicated and fresh, Manscaped Preserve Cologne is energizing compared to the more calming The Nue Co Forest Lungs.

You can pay anywhere between $30 and $50 for this perfume that smells like pine trees.

The price is fair and the discounts are frequent as the brand doesn’t have as much overhead pressure as other more established perfume brands.

3.      Lacoste Match Point

Sage, vetiver, and patchouli make Lacoste Match Point one of the peppery perfumes on the list.

Its spicy nature might be a bit too much when over spraying but this perfume is ideal for those days and nights out rather than for any other indoor occasion.

As with any best Lacoste fragrance, there’s a sporty vibe about it. Still, it checks essential boxes when it comes to simplicity both with formal and casual outfits.

One of the drawbacks of this perfume is that it costs a bit more than it’s really worth. You may even pay up to $80 for its 100ml version or about $60 for its 50ml version.

Apart from its cool scent, this perfume also delivers the appearance of the bottle, which signals lost tales of forests.

Its cap has a dark green nuance while the bottle has a gradient green nuance becoming transparent towards the bottom.

4.      Bottega Verde Cedro Selvaggio

Cedarwood, lemon, and cinnamon are among the strongest notes in the modern Bottega Verge Cedro Selvaggio.

There’s also a vanilla note in there which makes this the sweetest perfume that smells like pine trees for women and men alike.

A sweet but fresh perfume, it adds a bit of simplicity to something that can smell too green or too overpowering such as a pine cologne.

There’s always room for extra vanilla but its longevity isn’t that great as it fades away in a couple of hours.

Still, it lasts long enough for just about any indoor occasion and it may linger on as a skin scent throughout the day.

Applying too much of it comes with an overpowering vanilla hint which neutralizes the fresh forest scent you buy it in the first place.

Just in case you forget this, the cologne features a dark green bottle which speaks about its profile exactly.

The best part?

This perfume only costs around $10 – $20 which means you can’t really go wrong with it.

While there are better options out there, it’s the more widely-appealing alternative to Manscaped Preserve Cologne.

5.      Armani Eau de Cedre

The combination of cedarwood, black tea, and sage makes this an old-school type of forest-like-smelling perfume.

Suitable for mature men, it’s the exact opposite of Bottega Verde Cedro Selvaggio with its vanilla note.

Not hip or trendy by any means, it’s also the pine perfume men can buy to actually smell like pine trees all day.

This cologne is an ideal purchase for formal attire as well.

It may work for any occasion but it has already made its debut as the choice for suits and ties.

Pricewise? This perfume retails at a price between $80 and $120, depending on the vendor and specific discount periods.

20% discounts are common for this cologne so it’s always worth waiting for the best price if you aren’t in a rush.

Is it 10 x better than Bottega Verde Cedro Selvaggio? No chance.

Still, it is fancier and made with better ingredients that also last longer, so the price is fair given the quality of the juice.

You also get that green perfume bottle that inspires you from the start so that you know you’re about to smell trees, pines, cedarwood, and other green notes even before you spray it on yourself.

There you have it! Some of the best pine-scented colognes of 2023 at all price points.

Are these worth it? Yes. Are you cannibalizing your collection by picking more than one from the list? No, while similar, these colognes that smell like the forest have different profiles.