Scentbox vs Scentbird – The Hard Truth

Scentbox and Scentbird are some of the best perfume subscription boxes out there. The companies send out small perfume bottles as samples that last 30 days each month under a subscription plan. They stock designer fragrances and popular fragrances for men and women.

Some of these fragrances are good (Amouage, Acqua di Parma, Parfdums de Marlyetc.). Most are cheap fragrances in line with Burberry, Lacoste, or Tommy Hilfiger perfumes. Yet, these service is popular. You can take a better look at what makes these subscription boxes good, a few points why they aren’t as good as they claim, and a conclusion so that you can make up your mind on them.

Product 8ml perfume samples 8ml perfume samples
Price $9.72 (with Black Friday discounts)

$15.95 full price

$7.97 (discounted first month price)

$14.95 full price

$19.95 for ‘high-end perfumes’

Number of stocked perfumes 850+ 500+
Social media presence 33k+ Instagram followers

19k+ Facebook followers

230k+ Instagram followers

600K+ Facebook followers

Better Business Bureau Rating 1/5 1/5
Fragrances for Men and women Men and women
Rare fragrances stock 1/10 1/10
Designer fragrances stock 5/10 5/10
Travel-friendly decants Yes (you can take it on a plane) Yes (you can take it on a plane)


Why Scentbox and Scentbird are Worth it

Scentbox is generally worth it if you like popular fragrances. The cheap monthly plan delivers 8ml of your chosen fragrance which is authentic. You can try out 12 perfumes of 8ml per year for $190 ($15.95 per month).

Scentbird is worth it if you like new perfume samples each month. You can choose from hundreds of perfumes and you pay $180 for 12 x 8ml perfume samples per year ($14.95 per month).

Both Scentbox and Scentbird have similar pros and cons with few differences between them. They are ideal for those new to the fragrance world but they can be out of place for those already into fragrances. Here’s what to expect.

An affordable way to sample a variety of fragrances

The main selling point Scentbox and Scentbird have is the price of the decants. For as little as $1-2 per ml, you can get a month’s worth of perfume (calculated at 8ml which we know can be 8 x 12 sprays as per 1ml sprays test).

While the price per ml is similar or even higher to the price you pay for a full perfume bottle, there’s no doubt smelling good for just $15 per month is something that appeals to the masses.

Those who use such subscription boxes don’t want to spend $50 for a full perfume bottle. Typical customers aren’t even specifically brand loyal. Most importantly, Scentbird and Scenbox customers are into fashion brand fragrances such as Burberry. Those who love niche perfumes or Middle Eastern perfumes aren’t going to find too many reasons to shop or subscribe.

The deal is you pay a small monthly fee to buy a smaller amount of perfume. You don’t pay less for perfume with Scentbox and Scentbird, you just buy less of it.

There are currently 6 perfume subscription companies in the US. Scentbird and Scentbox are still the best perfume subscription boxes in the US. These also include niche perfume subscriptions as well as any type of luxury perfume subscription plan.

Scentbox reviews and Scentbird reviews are the highest which means these are arguably the most popular cologne subscription plans to consider.

Authentic fragrances

While the selection of perfumes is limited (for a collector), there are still hundreds of perfumes to choose from both at Scentbird and Scentbox.

Scentbird has hundreds of extra perfumes compared to Scentbox. It’s the best choice for scent variation. Scentbox has better niche perfumes (Parfums de Marly, Montale, and Acqua di Parma), making it the superior choice for quality perfumes.

Both these companies sell very popular fragrances. Scentbox stocks the following

  • Prada
  • Versace
  • Bvlgari
  • Clinique
  • Acqua di Parma
  • Michael Kors
  • D&G

Scentbox stocks the following brands

  • Gucci
  • Hermes
  • Guerlain
  • Hugo Boss
  • Lancome
  • Lalique
  • Montale
  • Parfums de Marly
  • Prada

None of these brands stocks Dior perfumes and a long list of other high-quality perfume brands.

Skip the ques at local sampling shops

Another good reason to consider Scentbox and Scentbird is the simplicity of online shopping. You don’t have to wait in line at a store just to buy a small perfume sample. You order it online and receive it at home every month.

There is note-breakdown information on each perfume listed on the website. This means each of these scents should be explained a bit better so that you get an idea of what you buy into.

The simplicity of these subscription plans is even better given both Scentbox and Scentbird can be canceled at any time.

Possible great gift

Small perfumes make great gifts. While subscribing for a full year is not ideal just to get perfume gifts, it might still make for a good gift in case you don’t like the perfume and you don’t want to return it. The packaging or the perfume decants are quality sprays both in Scentbird and in Scentbox which makes them good gift ideas.

Great for those with no nearby perfume shop

Another reason to subscribe to any of these cologne subscription boxes is the lack of perfume shops nearby. Not everybody lives close to a shopping mall or a perfume shop. Some people need to drive a couple of hours to get to one of these places. In this case, ordering online is just about the only option to get your hands on perfume.

Customers living in remote locations who don’t want to commit to purchasing a full cologne bottle are among the targeted customers of Scentbox and Scentbird.

Travel-friendly decants

We’ve recently answered the question of Can I Take Perfume on a Plane? We’ve seen how large perfume bottles aren’t allowed on airplanes. Furthermore, who’d want to travel with a full perfume bottle?

Frequent travelers are the best customers of Scentbox and Scentbird. They need to smell good and different each month but they don’t have the luxury of carrying large and heavy perfume bottles at all times. It can be a hassle to get through airport security with these large bottles anyway.

This is why a small 8ml travel-friendly perfume spritzer can be a great purchase. Small, easy to carry, and even suitable for pocket-carry, these perfumes are ideal for just about any traveler.

A Few (Good) Reasons to Stay Away From Scentbox and Scentbird

You might think you’ve found a small gold nugget. But the reality is a bit different with perfume subscription plans. These are ideal when starting. Customers who have a clear idea of high-quality perfumes scents and even niche perfumery fans won’t find anything worth subscribing for here.

Limited variety of good perfumes

While there are hundreds of perfumes to choose from, almost 80% of them are cheap perfumes. This means you pay a small amount each month to smell like cheap perfume. Sure, things have improved lately in quality perfume offerings. Just thinking about Amouage or Parfums de Marly from Scentbox and Scentbird was something impossible in the past.

There are now new brands in stock often seen as high-quality perfumes. But the problem of bulk cheap perfumes such as Cristiano Ronaldo perfumes creates false expectations. Some people believe these perfumes have been carefully selected for them. This isn’t the case. Companies that never offer perfume discounts such as Dior aren’t present on these sites. Plus, there are very good fragrance discounters online where you can buy a full bottle of fragrance at a discounted price. For example, FragranceX sells Versace Bright Crystal for Women at $12/0.17oz.

There are better cheap perfumes to buy

This turns us to the next big drawback of Scentbox and Scentbird. None of the Scentbox reviews or Scentbird reviews tell us how cheap perfumes can be if you take the time to find them. There are very good alternatives that often give users a full perfume bottle at a similar price or below the monthly subscription price. The Bright Crystal example above is evocative.

There are cheap perfumes to buy. Even some best Zara perfumes are cheaper and they smell better. The question is, why would you buy cheap Burberry perfume when you can buy authentic Zara perfumes at the same price but in a full bottle?

The problem with Scentbird and Scentbox is they can’t offer any good deals on cheap perfume. You can buy full perfume bottles at the same monthly subscription price at places such as FragranceX and Zara. These services are only worth it for premium and niche perfumes and there aren’t too many of those to choose from.

Not as cheap as claimed

The next Scentbird and Scentbox red flag is the actual price of their fragrance. As this review is written, both are offering discounts. It’s either a Black Friday discount or a first-month off type of discount. The discounted price is the only true fair price for these perfume samples. Scentbox sells these samples at $9.72 at a discounted price. Scentbird sells the samples at a $7.97 discounted fee. These should be the real prices for such services. But prices are going to go up to the $15 range soon, which is simply not good enough given the plethora of good cheap perfumes you can buy elsewhere.

Some issues with over-billing

We now move on to the big problems of Scentbox and Scentbird. While these companies aren’t a scam, they seem very different when you read customer reviews on Better Business Bureau. They often bill multiple times per month. Fragrances are frequently late. They have a slow response rate and they often don’t send out any perfume samples at all during a calendar month. This has led to a low rating of 1/5 for both Scentbird and Scentbox on Better Business Bureau.

We know that perfume businesses are judged vividly compared to just about any other service that doesn’t involve a medical service. Perfumes businesses tend to attract a lot of hate if a client doesn’t like a particular scent, which isn’t exactly fair. However, these issues with extra-billing and late or no shipment are a true red flag.

Slow customer support

Responsive customer support cannot be offered for products that are so cheap and for just a few thousand clients per month. However, having no response for weeks is still unacceptable. Endless reviews are mentioning very slow response rates by Scentbird and Scentbox.

Which is better ScentBox vs Scentbird?

Scentbox is the superior choice for a (limited) number of high-quality perfumes. Scentbird has more mass-appealing perfumes. This is why Scentbox is better for those who aren’t new to fragrances while Scentbird is ideal as a first stepping stone into perfumery.

Both offer small 8ml samples for very similar prices. These are perfume samples you can travel with. They should last about a month, if not more. However, neither Scentbox nor Scentbird are worth it when it comes to price per ml. These are not fragrance discounters. Keep in mind you should also check your bank account for possible over-billing issues as there are a few of these mentioned in customer reviews.


Every day when you get to wear fragrances is a good day. Something is uplifting about them that can’t be disputed. Some people can’t spend $100 for a good bottle of perfume and Scentbox and Scentbird offer an excellent alternative for perfume fans on a budget.

However, neither of these companies is perfect. Their reviews are almost excellent on blogs and YouTube. But the reality is a bit different. As long as you note all the positive and the drawbacks above you’ll be fine ordering from any of them. However, there are some good Scentbox alternatives and some good Scentbird alternatives. Full perfume bottles under $15.95 are out there as seen from the examples below.

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Is Scentbox legit?

Yes, Scentbox is legit. It’s a perfume subscription plan that sends out 8ml perfume samples each month. These are priced up to $15.95 regardless of the perfume you choose. They ship in small travel-friendly spritzers.

Is Scentbird legit?

Scentbird is a legit cologne subscription box service. It sends out 8ml perfume spritzers for $14.95 per month. To access the really good perfumes of the brand customers need to pay $19.95 per month, however.

Is Scentbox and Scentbird the same?

No, Scentbox and Scentbird are different cologne subscription box plans. They offer a small number of similar colognes but they both operate on a similar price policy. The similarity of their name often makes customers confuse these companies.

Is Scentbird a ripoff?

Scentbird can be expensive if you only buy cheap perfumes. You will need to pay the premium subscription plan if you want the best scents from the brand. This is why it can feel like you’re overpaying when it comes down to price per ml.

Do you get to choose your scent with Scentbox?

Yes, you can choose your scent with Scentbox. There are hundreds of perfumes to consider and the stocked scents are always going up.

Can you skip months on Scentbird?

Customers can cancel the Scentbird subscription plan at any time and resume it at any time. You can cancel the plan for one or more months if you don’t want the perfumes anymore and resume your plan when you’re ready to place a new order.

Can I return Scentbird?

You can return your Scentbird purchase within 15 days. The perfume has to be in its full size which means you can’t return perfume you’ve already used once or more times.

What is the best monthly perfume subscription?

Scentbird and Scentbox are often named among the best monthly perfume subscription plans. Their affordability is their biggest asset as perfume selection is limited when it comes to high-end and niche quality scents.

Are Scentbox Reviews Good?

Scentbox reviews are both good and bad. It’s the expectations that need to be adjusted with the service. Scentbox is ideal for cheap perfumes sold at a similar price to retail but in smaller samples.

Are Scentbird Reviews Good?

Scentbird reviews are both good and bad. The subscription plan is ideal for newbies as there’s a limited selection of excellent perfumes to choose from.