Scents That Go With Lavender

Lavender mixes well with aromatic scents like bergamot, basil, frankincense, coumarin, and cloves. It also mixes well with florals scents such as orange blossom as well as with woodsy notes as cedarwood.

While the smell of lavender can be different from one type of lavender to another, there are certain aromatic qualities that are present in most of its sub-types. Lavender can be interpreted as an aromatic floral with herbal influences. The first scent that mixes well with lavender is basil. Other oriental scents such as frankincense and cinnamon also mix well with lavender.

Scents that mix well with lavender

Almost any floral, herbal, or spicy note can mix well with lavender. From popular fragrances with lavender of the moment, the following notes tends to mix the best with this popular scent.


Lavender can sometimes also smell spicy and citrusy. This is why it mixes well with bergamot. This fruit is a spicier more vivid version of lemon and it’s known for its irreplaceable role in perfumery. Some of the most iconic classic perfumes were made with primal ingredients. These first perfume ingredients were bergamot, lavender, and rose. Many of them have been blended in men’s colognes.


Basil smells aromatic, with pepper, and peppermint influences. It mixes superbly with lavender to offer a final aromatic smell that has herbal influences and which can be used in herbal perfumes or herbal essential oils as opposed to a more traditional floral blend.


Spicy, sweet, and woody, cinnamon is a compliment to lavender. It can sharpen the smell of lavender when added in small quantities, much like black pepper.


Influenced by amber and rosemary, the resinous smell of frankincense is a good addition to lavender. This can be used as a combination of men’s perfumes with an oriental vibe. Many Arabic perfumes for men have been created including a lavender-frankincense combination in their compositions.


Coumarin smells like hay and it’s also highly aromatic. It can be a good combination with lavender if you’re after a spicy scent.


Cloves are often used in perfumes or wintertime essential oils. They have a warming effect on people and mixed with lavender, cloves can spice up and ascent and make it more piercing, perfect for the cold winter days.


Herbal and spicy, rosemary is a top addition to lavender. Most rosemary-lavender scents can smell like old barbershop colognes. This combination is only recommended for a vintage-inspired scent.

Orange blossom

As a clean floral scent, orange blossom is rather delicate, especially in comparison with lavender. This is why lavender changes its nature but it doesn’t overpower it completely. Orange-lavender scents are excellent for spring perfumes.

Lily of the valley

Sweet, floral, green, with lemon and jasmine undertones, lily of the valley is ideal for lavender. These 2 scents can be considered in perfumes for women, especially in perfumes for mature women.


Cedarwood is clearly more earthy and woodsy than lavender. While lavender mixes well with almost any scent, cedarwood tends to add a bit of longevity to the final scent. A simple blend can incorporate lavender, orange blossom, and cedarwood for a lasting summertime scent.


Geranium has a floral scent similar to rose and it can be an attractive scent to combine with lavender. You add geranium to a lavender scent when you want to enhance the sensual side of a composition.


Peppermint is rather spicy and herbal. Both peppermint and lavender have a calming effect and you can consider this blend if your goal is to create a final smell that induces a mood of relaxation.


Dewy amber is a good addition to almost any type of lavender. Amber-lavender scents tend to be known for their longevity.

Lavender mixes well with almost any type of note. Out best lavender perfumes list proves this versatile note can be both the main star or can have a supporting role in creating very appealing fragrances or scents.