Spicebomb vs Spicebomb Extreme – Which Viktor & Rolf Cologne Is Better?

You can own both Spicebomb and Spicebomb Extreme as these different perfumes. The Extreme Spicebomb is more mysterious, but it’s also a darker perfume. While you could say both of these Viktor & Rolf colognes demand attention, the Extreme version has the upper edge for drawing in compliments as you can notice it a bit longer through its enhanced longevity. However, here’s why you should own both.

You can smell Spicebomb colognes almost in every large city. This perfume is very popular and regardless of just how many clones come out, not many manage to keep up with it.

Spicebomb Viktor & Rolf Review – Best for Versatility

The original Spicebomb is what created this entire community of spicy perfumes and their fans. Spicebomb is true to its name and it even features a bottle shaped like some type of grenade.

The spices in their compositions start with pink pepper, elemi, bergamot, and grapefruit.

Cinnamon, saffron, and paprika are its uniquely-potent notes.

Tobacco, leather, and vetiver are its intense base notes.

The drydown of this fragrance is dominated by warm spices. This is why it can be seen as one of the ideal winter colognes for men.

Spicebomb lasts up to 6 hours on the skin with multiple sprays.

Olivier Polge, the creator of Spicebomb perfume did a fantastic job here.



  • Too potent as an office cologne

Spicebomb Extreme Review – Best for Longevity

Spicebomb Extreme was launched 3 years after the original Spicebomb fragrance. This perfume tends to draw in even more attention and it has the capacity for many more compliments than you can realistically expect.

It’s a tobacco vanilla perfume which is a blend people love. It also adds black pepper, cumin, and lavender to spice things up a bit.

Ideal as a cold-weather fragrance, Spicebomb extreme intensifies some of the notes of the original Spicebomb.

This intensity also comes with higher longevity as the Spicebomb Extreme lasts up to 8 hours on the skin.

Its opening is a bit harsh and the tobacco note might not make it digestible for all men.

However, as many reviewers have already said, this is India in a bottle.

If you’re after a potent designer oriental spicy perfume for men, you will not regret this purchase. However, you should test both of these Viktor Rolf colognes for men before buying if you’re not used to so much pepper in your perfumes.


  • Incredible all-day longevity
  • Artistic blend of dark notes
  • Comforting wintertime scent


  • Cloying in the summer

Spicebomb vs Spicebomb Extreme – the bottom line

Versatility is the main difference between Spicebomb and Spicebomb Extreme. Spicebomb is more versatile for daily use. Spicebomb Extreme is more potent but less versatile for daily use. Spicebomb Extreme is also an eau de parfum (Spicebomb is only an eau de toilette) which means it also lasts longer. You get more performance for the money with Spicebomb Extreme.

Both of these fragrances are made for the wintertime. While also seen as sexy fragrances for men, they tend to shine in cold weather so you should not count on them for dates during the summertime.


Spicebomb Extreme lasts longer than Spicebomb but it’s also less versatile. If you need an extra punch of tobacco, vanilla, and pepper, the Extreme version of Spicebomb is better. On the other hand, if you’d like to wear your perfume to many occasions where you’d like to stand out without overwhelming others, the original (2012) Spicebomb cologne can be the better option.


Is Spicebomb Extreme good?

Spicebomb Extreme is good if you want to smell mysterious and if you need your Spicebomb to make you smell good for the entire day. You can expect this perfume to smell good on you for 8 hours at a minimum.

Can you wear Spicebomb in the summer?

Some people wear Spicebomb in the summer. These are the guys used to pepper notes in the high heat, particularly used to Middle Eastern fragrances.

Can women wear Spicebomb?

Women can’t wear Spicebomb as these perfumes are highly masculine. However, women don’t have such an appealing scent to look forward to and it could be a good perfume in this case, especially with layering.

How many sprays does Spicebomb Extreme need?

Most people apply 2 sprays of Spicebomb Extreme. The upper limit is 6 sprays due to the eau de parfum concentration.