6 Best Perfumes for 50-Year-Old Women With Style

The best perfume for a 50-year-old woman smells rich, luxurious, and highly feminine. Floral notes such as rose are quintessential at this age. Photorealistic notes such as sea, forest, and candy are also highly popular perfumes for women over 50.

Have you ever wondered what type of perfume a 50-year-old woman wears? What is the best perfume for a 55-year-old? Women in their ‘50s typically know what scents they like. They also have the success and the money to buy perfumes made with more natural ingredients than the cheap synthetic perfumes an 18-year-old wears.

It takes some time to learn what you like in fragrances. Some say this is a never-ending journey. But the best perfumes for older ladies are just there when it comes to quality and masterful blending. Many of these are timeless perfumes not because they smell old but because these offer real value compared to trend-inspired fragrances.

The Best Perfumes for a 50-Year-Old Woman

The following best perfumes for over 50s are primarily known for their versatility. Reviews show they have a special place in the heart of women in their 50s. Here’s what you can get to smell amazing at this age.

1.                   Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt

Some of the best perfumes for mature ladies are made by Jo Malone. These were created with a special memory-like appeal before the company was sold. We’re happy to note the same special scent remains.

One of the best Jo Malone perfumes for women is Wood Sage and Sea Salt. Without a doubt, this is the light elegant feminine essence women in their ‘50s are looking for when they want to smell good.

Sea salt, sage, grapefruit, ambrette, and seaweed are the main notes of this best-selling perfume for women.

This is an aromatic aquatic perfume. It’s among the top in its class. As one of the best smelling perfumes for women, it impresses with that perfume that smells like the beach vibe. There’s nothing that can be added to make it smell better.

Longevity sits between 2 and 5 hours on the skin, depending on your skin type and its hydration levels.

2.                   Maison Francis Kurkdijan A La Rose

Rose scents are certainly made for mature women. The rose used in A La Rose is mainly a pink Bulgarian rose. These flowers are known for their unique delicate smell. As one of the best pink rose perfumes, A La Rose manages to capture the sensuality of this flower but from a very delicate perspective.

The perfume smells sublime. It’s not your usual in-your-face rose perfume for women. Bergamot and mandarin are their citrus opening notes.

Bulgarian rose, Grasse rose, violet and magnolia are combined in a delicate floral drydown.

Cedar and musk give this perfume longevity.

If you’re tired of strong rose perfumes for women, you might try this masterful Maison Francis Kurkdisjan creation. It projects up to 4 hours and it lingers on as a pleasant skin scent for up to 10 hours.

3.                   Diptique Do Son

As the best tuberose perfume, Diptique Do Son is a wonderful all-year creation. It can be the best perfume for lawyers, the best perfume for teachers, or the best perfume for retail workers as it has a unique versatility that’s liked by everybody. A floral perfume for women often has that appeal.

African orange flower, iris, and rose are combined in this best perfume that smells like flowers.

Intense tuberose and pink pepper are its mid accords.

Benzoin and musk linger on the skin.

Characterized best by a smell of intense tuberose, this can be one of the perfumes that smell feminine which isn’t ideal for teenage girls. It’s awesome at 50.

4.                   Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gioia

As a perfume for women that smells expensive, you’d not expect Aqua di Gioia to be memorable. But the masterful green scent interpretation here makes for a very memorable perfume for women. At the same time, green perfumes are perfect as best perfumes for a 50-year-old woman and even for a 50-year-old man.

Aqua Di Gioia smells like pleasant mint with lemon in the opening.

Jasmine, peony, and pink pepper are its perfect summertime floral notes in the drydown.

Cedar, labdanum, and brown sugar give it sweetness and earthiness making it smell like a perfume for mature people. This Armani Perfume for women lasts about 5 hours.

5.                   Lamcome La Vie Est Belle

One of the most uplifting and feminine perfumes for 50-year-old ladies is La Vie Est Belle. This is a sweet playful perfume with some fruits and plenty of character. Its performance is the best in spring and winter. It might be a bit too sweet in the summer. However, vanilla isn’t dominant here, which means women can pull it off in the evening even in the summer.

Black currant and pear are its zesty fruit opening notes.

Iris, jasmine, and orange blossom are its mids.

Praline, sweet vanilla, patchouli, and tonka are its intense base notes.

The perfume projects about 2 hours. It lasts as a skin scent for up to 6 hours.

6.                   Miss Dior Eau De Toilette Dior

There are many best Dior perfumes for women you can consider in your ‘50s. But a patchouli perfume is certainly a bit different from what others would expect you to wear.

Miss Dior Eau De Toilette is a perfect choice given you can’t smell it on just about any other woman such as the EPD version.

Patchouli, roses, and citruses are all there. Roses and citruses are dominant in the opening with patchouli making their way shortly after that. The intense blood orange note gives this perfume a different citrus opening than expected with the best lemon perfumes or with the best bergamot perfumes that dominate summer fragrance preferences.

The perfume lasts well also. It’s not unusual for this best eau de toilette for women to project for about 6 hours.

How to Choose a Best Perfume for 50-Year-Old Women

There’s no need to wear a perfume you don’t like at 50. This should be the perfect time to put all of those fragrance experimental purchases into practice and only wear knock-out perfumes. Some of the best smelling perfumes for women are made with expensive essential oils. Why not treat yourself to a special scent? If you’re considered the best perfume gift for women in their ‘50s you’d better buy a good one as well.

Consider the types of scents you like

Regardless of the occasion, you should know which perfumes are worth it and which aren’t at this age. Here’s how to categorize the perfumes most women at 50 and 55 feel comfortable wearing.

  • Aquatic

These scents smell marine, almost watery. They are lightweight with a crystalline nature. Mixed with other ingredients that can smell like the beach, like suntan lotion, or even like a rain forest. Aquatic perfumes for ladies are ideal during the summer. You can find a unique interpretation of aquatic perfumes for women with Jo Malone’s Wood, Sage, and Sea Salt.

  • Red floral

Red floral perfumes are mostly dominated by red flowers such as red roses. Rose perfumes are hard for teenage girls to pull off. But a mature woman knows all of the nuances of rose and she can also wear the outfit that symbolizes the most important passion flower the best.

  • Pink floral

An alternative to the intense rose is pink rose and other light pink floral notes. Pink rose is a bit more sensual and grown in the right conditions it can also be unique, something red roses aren’t always known for. A perfect example of a highly feminine pink rose scent is the above-mentioned Maison Francis Kurkdijan A La Rose. Simply put, there’s an element of elegance in this perfume that describes pink roses the best.

  • White floral

White floral notes such as jasmine, orange blossom, or lily of the valley are always a go-to scent for women of all ages. There are so many good white floral notes to try out that they are a must-have in your fragrance collection. Jasmine and orange blossom notes in the Lancome La Vie Est Belle mentioned above are the truest examples of how these white florals can smell even better when combined.

  • Fruity and Sweet

Fruity perfumes are starting to become a bit of a second choice at 50. These sweet note perfumes for women are highly appreciated as the best perfumes for 20-year-olds and as the best perfumes for 30-year-old women. However, if you want to remind yourself of youthful days you can try out a sweet perfume. Lancome La Vie Est Belle is such a good sweet perfume to try out.

  • Green

Green perfumes have been associated with men’s colognes. Some of the best perfumes for 50-year-old men are green indeed. However, green perfumes with floral mint or sweetened mint are often ideal for women of this age as well. Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gioia is one of those spectacular summertime perfumes that smell green. This best mint perfume for women impresses from the first spritz to late drydown.

  • Oriental

Oriental perfumes are the easiest to wear at 50. These are made with daring notes such as cinnamon, oud, and incense. These notes are never easy for a teenage girl to pull off. However, a mature woman already has the class to wear these perfumes accordingly.

Fragrance Notes That Only Women in Their ‘50s Know How to Wear

While these perfume profiles are all worth giving a try, certain notes are a must-try at 50. Some of these are very feminine while others are considered unisex. Here’s what you should be looking for if you want to smell the best.


There are a few types of rose you need to try in your age-50 perfume. Grasse rose and Bulgarian rose is 2 common notes in floral feminine perfumes. Similar but different, these need to be given a try. Red rose (possibly from France) is also a must-try in perfumes. You can find the best interpretation of rose in natural ingredient perfumes.


Cedar and woodsy notes in general are valuable at this age. You might find out that too many flowers or too much vanilla are a bit headache-inducing. There’s no way you’d want to experiment with perfumes more now. This is the time to smell your best. Why not try a perfume with cedar to bring a bit of earthiness and coolness to your favorite floral perfumes?


Magnolia is one of those floral notes lost in time for some reason. Young women are often blocked when they are asked to describe how magnolia smells or even on how magnolia looks like. The best part is that there are very good magnolia perfumes for you to try.


All tuberose perfumes have a classy timeless appeal to them. You can wear some of the best tuberose perfumes for women on almost all occasions and even turn them into your daily perfume.

Blood orange

Blood orange is different from regular orange. Some young men and women almost don’t know how to differentiate it in perfume. While citrusy, there’s a certain depth and zestiness standard sharp lemon or orange don’t have.

Best Notes in a Perfume for a 50-Year-Old-Woman
Pink rose
Red rose
Blood orange
Orange blossom
Pink pepper


Final words

The best perfumes for 50-year-old women are timeless, daring, and feminine. They have a sensual nature where florals often meet fresh aquatic or green notes. These perfumes can also be sweet, but the sweetness of vanilla or praline should never be dominating notes in these perfumes.