Top 7 Magnolia Perfumes Compared By Longevity

The best magnolia perfumes are typically made with floral notes. Citruses such are bergamot and orange are often used in perfumes with magnolia. Delicate fruits such as pear or litchi are great composition additions to any magnolia fragrance.

What does magnolia smell like?

Magnolia is native to Southeast Asia and North-Central America. It smells like tart lemon with bergamot and sweet candy undertones. Depending on the species of the flower, magnolia can also smell fresh-floral and with sweet vanilla and peach undertones.

The best magnolia perfumes to incorporate these smell characteristics are the following.

1.     Eau de Magnolia Frederic Malle

Magnolia perfumes can learn a few things from Frederic Malle’s composition. Composed by Carlos Benaim, this magnolia flower fragrance is rather crisp and green with dewy flowery magnolia undertones.

Zesty Calabrian bergamot is used as an opening note.

Magnolia, salty vetiver and deep patchouli are its intense mid notes.

Moss, cedar, and amber add depth to this fragrance.

On the skin, it performs well anywhere between 5 and 7 hours. Most women wearing it say it has top performance in spring and summer. With strong versatility, it can be applied for any occasion. Some even go as far as to say it’s the best magnolia fragrance for women and men alike.

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2.     Clive Christian Noble Collection VIII Rococo Magnolia

Dark mysterious magnolia is a part of Clive Christian’s perfume for women. It’s one of the elegant magnolia notes but which isn’t as citrusy as you’d expect. Normally, magnolia smells a bit like citrus-infused flowers. But it’s a bit darker here, mainly to add to its projection.

Mandarin orange, cassis, and bergamot are its opening notes.

Magnolia, rose, cinnamon and cloves are its mid accords.

Oakmoss and sandalwood are their base accords.

Smooth and powdery in the drydown, this magnolia fragrance lasts for a few hours. Longevity depends on your skin and it varies anywhere between 4 and 7 hours at most.

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3.     Christian Dior J’adore

J’adore is a floral women’s perfume dominated by jasmine with magnolia and ylang-ylang interpretations. A big fruity, this bright fragrance has an uplifting effect. This classic perfume for women can be a daily scent for the right woman who likes uplifting scents.

Pear, melon, mandarin orange, peach, magnolia, and bergamot are its opening notes.

Lily of the valley, tuberose, rose, orchid, plum, and violet support the jasmine in the mid notes.

Musk, vanilla, blackberry, and cedar are its base accords.

This perfume projects up to 6 feet, depending on how much you apply. It also lasts around 5 hours on average.

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4.     Versace Bright Crystal

If you love watery fragrances, Bright Crystal is a good choice for you. Wildly generic, it’s almost unapologetic about its mass appeal. No matter how much women try to run away from it, this perfume seems to intrigue, everybody. I’ve never met a woman not to like it.

Yuzu, pomegranate, and water notes are its opening blast.

Peony, lotus, and bright magnolia are its drydown accords.

Musk, mahogany, and amber tie it down.

Made for spring and summer days, it can be a date perfume for women or a classy perfume for her. It won’t make an impact in the winter. Otherwise, it lasts about 4 hours on the skin.

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5.     Lancome Miracle

Faceted magnolia describes Lancome Miracle. It’s there in the opening with litchi and in the drydown to support freesia. These 2 faces of the perfume are heightened by spices such as ginger.

Litchi and freesia open the fragrance up with some magnolia.

Pepper, ginger, jasmine, orange, and magnolia are its drydown notes where spices and magnolia stand out.

Jasmine, musk, and amber are its base notes.

Suitable for teens and as a perfume for women in their ‘20s, Miracle lasts around 5 hours and it projects about 4 feet.

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6.     Chloe for Women

Magnolia, peony, and litchi make this floral scent smell mildly sweet and certainly pink by flowers. Peony, litchi, and freesia are its opening notes.

Rose, lily of the valley, and magnolia are its mid notes.

Cedar and amber are its base accords. This popular magnolia perfume lasts around 6 hours with a single spray.

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7.     Britney Spears Curious

Pear and magnolia dominate this perfume. Pear dominates its drydown as well. This perfume for 16-year-old girls and 17-year-old girls has a youthful vibe.

Magnolia, pear, and lotus are its opening notes.

Jasmine, tuberose, and cyclamen are its mid accords.

Sandalwood, musk, vanilla, and woods are its base accords.

The perfume lasts up to 6 hours on the skin on cold days.

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Final words

Magnolia scented perfumes are some of the best delicate florals. We know that magnolia blossom perfumes are mainly uplifting and they are made for spring and summer.

Sure, you can wear magnolia perfumes anytime around the year. But you will struggle to get all of its delicate interpretations during the winter. The note combined with other white or pink florals generally struggles to pierce through the cold weather as well.

The problem with magnolia fragrances is that they can feel underwhelming in cheap perfumes. The note is delicate and it comes off as synthetic in some perfumes.

If you’re strapped for cash, Curious might be a good option if you want to test out magnolia perfumes. Chloe for Women is another very good option, but it costs a bit more.

On the other hand, if you want to see changing magnolia notes dependent on weather and skin temperature, Eau de Magnolia Frederic Malle and Clive Christian’s Noble Collection VIII Rococo Magnolia are the best bet. They cost more but you can wear these for a long time. A single spray of these perfumes tends to project for hours.