What Does Coconut Smell Like?

Coconut smells creamy, tropical, sweet, and fruity.  There’s a mild vanilla undertone to its scent which makes it inviting. The scent of coconut is derived from the white pulp of the coconut fruit and the liquid inside the fruit.

Have you struggled to describe the scent of coconut before? It turns out you’re not alone. Many people have no clue about how to describe the scent of coconut, raw coconut, or coconut fruits. Some people even go as far as to say that coconuts don’t have a smell. However, this isn’t the case. Its multiple nuances or undertones are muted by the creaminess of the fruit. But it has a strong scent that is very pleasant.

Coconut smells creamy

Coconut first smells creamy. This creamy nature of the fruit is what makes the smell mild or hard to detect compared to other tropical fruits. Coconut has a type of creaminess to it associated with cream scents rather than fruits. However, it’s this creaminess that acts as a base smell for combining coconut with other smells, particularly in perfume. Some of the best coconut perfumes have this creamy quality to their scent which makes them ideal for the summer.

The creaminess of the scent can sometimes be compared to the creaminess in the scent of other fruits, particularly zesty fruits. Pear smell is one of the examples that come to mind. However, coconut smells creamier than almost all other fruits, especially those used in the perfume world.

Coconut smells tropical                                            

The tropical nuance of coconut is a bit hard to describe. The tropical smell is characteristic of fruits that are ripe in the summer such as coconut. Other fruits that are ripe in the fall such as grapes aren’t known for a tropical undertone.

Tropical smells are ideal for making the best perfumes for summer. These perfumes perfume well in the heat. The long-lasting scent of summertime perfumes is sometimes based on tropical notes. It’s the creaminess in coconut that makes such perfumes smell good even when the heat outside is too much to handle.

Coconut smells fruity

Coconut is a type of zesty fruit that smells like fruit. Its white pulp signals a fruity scent without an aromatic nature. This is the case with other fruits that are white inside such as bananas, lychee, and apples. They have a fruity scent to them, but they aren’t as aromatic as other types of fruits with a colored pulp.

Coconut smells sweet

The coconut smell is also characterized as sweet. The sweetness makes it highly relatable for a wide range of uses. The smell of coconut is used in aromatherapy as a means to relax. Its sweetness is also an idea with floral notes, aquatic notes, and herbal notes in pleasant perfumes for men and women.

The sweetness in coconut isn’t sugary, however. It’s more vanilla-like than sugar cane-like. This is why coconut perfumes are ideal for those who want to smell sweet and welcoming without actually wearing a sweet perfume that can be headache-inducing.

Coconut smells a bit like vanilla

The sweetness in coconut is best compared to the sweetness of vanilla. Many people have tried to describe the sweetness of raw coconut by comparing it with sugar, which isn’t entirely wrong, but it isn’t too specific either.

The classic coconut smell has a vanilla undertone, muted by the creamy zesty fruit pulp. However, the aroma of coconut has a tropical sweetness to it we’ve smelt on emerging Madagascar vanilla. The sweetness of the coconut fruit is also gone when the fruit goes bad, making way for a rancid smell. A coconut smells bad when it goes off. It tends to smell less fruity and vanillic and more acid and rancid.

Coconut smells zesty

The zesty smell in coconut is also characteristic of a hydrating product. You can feel its smell being fully saturated by a certain degree of moisture. This is why coconut is one of the wet fruits that also features water inside known as coconut water.

Coconut water also smells a lot like coconut pulp. Both the pulp and coconut water can be described as zesty, fruity, and mildly sweet. However, these can’t be separated when describing the coconut scent correctly.

How to smell like coconut?

If you like the smell of coconut you can also make yourself smell like tropical fruit. Wearing a perfume that smells like coconut is the easiest way of smelling like coconut. You can also apply coconut lotion, but the scent tends to fade away quicker.

  • Use a coconut perfume

Perfumes that smell like coconut last anywhere between just a few minutes to a full day. Long-lasting coconut perfumes are ideal to make yourself smell like tropical fruit. A few sprays of perfume can last a few hours making yourself smell like coconut.

  • Apply coconut lotion

Coconut lotions are very popular, probably more popular than coconut perfumes. This is why applying coconut lotion such as coconut suntan lotion can help you smell like coconut, at least for a couple of hours. Coconut lotions are very common in beauty products made for the summer, much like coconut perfumes which are only wearable over the summer months.

Coconut smell summary

Coconut has a creamy tropical scent derived from the white pulp and water inside of the coconut fruit. The smell has sweet tropical undertones similar to vanilla.

The smell of coconuts is always interpreted as pleasant and inoffensive. It’s used in perfumes, aromatherapy, and foods. Coconut oil is mostly odorless by comparison with the smell of fresh coconut.