What Does Myrrh Smell Like? [Hint: It’s Not Amber]

Myrrh smells like a warm resin with aromatic wood undertones. Its medicinal scent is closest to frankincense with sweet amber and pine sap scent differentiation.

Some people also describe the myrrh as sharp or astringent, which is interesting given its resin profile. Normally associated with religious rites, myrrh cuts through high heat wonderfully.

Dark or mysterious by nature, myrrh scent has also been associated with rubber. Some people say it smells like gasoline and it might be true to an extent. However, the smell of myrrh is rarely off-putting when used in the right amount. Since it has very high potency, it is normally diluted to tone it down when used in fragrances. Pure smell of myrrh can be experienced in churches and other places of worship where it is burned similarly to incense.

What is myrrh and does it smell good?

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The intriguing mysterious scent of myrrh has a very interesting history. Made from the tree of Commiphora, myrrh is a sap native to the Middle East and Northern African countries such as Ethiopia. Now, not all types of myrrh smell the same. Some believe Ethiopian myrrh is more aromatic but a bit muted and better suited for essential oils, aromatherapy, or perfumes.

The origin of the name also shows more about the smell of myrrh than you may expect.

The term ‘myrrh’ comes from the Arabic –mrr root and it means ‘bitter’

The term ‘myrrh’ is used in Greek Mythology as ‘Myrrha’ (mother of Adonis).

The term ‘muron’ of Greek origin is the term used to describe myrrh as a perfume as it made its way to the English language.

These terms tell us myrrh is a natural gum or resin from a thorny tree with a bitter aroma. Its ties to religion are obvious from the start as well.

Today, both myrrh and frankincense are widely used in perfumes and it won’t go away anytime soon due to its unique aroma.

You won’t believe which perfumes smell like myrrh

Both sweet and bitter myrrh interpretations are tied to the perfumes you can use today. On fragrancespotter.com, we talk fragrances. This is why I’ve selected the best myrrh perfumes for you to enjoy throughout the year.

Myrrh perfume Description Longevity
Christian Dior Eau Savage Warm myrrh and lavender are stars in this classic perfume. 10 hours
Mugler Alien Essence Absolue Smoky medicinal myrrh is mixed with amber in this popular composition. 2 hours
Gucci Pour Homme II Tea, cinnamon, myrrh, and pimento make the perfume a calming formulation. 4+ hours
Amouage Jubilation XXV Myrrh with oud, patchouli, and opoponax are found here. The myrrh perfume is a modern oriental. 6 hours
Yves Saint Laurent Opium for Women Opoponax, myrrh and spices are added to this mesmerizing French perfume 10 hours
Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan Resins, myrrh, benzoin, and vanilla are well blended in this popular scent. 3 hours
Pierre Guillaume Myrrhiad Black tea mixed with myrrh, caramel and burnt sugar make this a must-have gourmand fragrance. 6 hours
Annick Goutal Myrrhe Ardente for Women Beeswax and the softest myrrh are used in this low projection masterpiece. 4 hours
Valentino Valentina Myrrh Absoluto The myrrh here is very intense and smoky, certainly not for everybody. 3 hours
Demeter Fragrance Myrrh Sweet and sour myrrh smell makes the fragrance the most similar to incense. 3 hours