What FragranceNet Reviews And Opinions Tell You About Perfume Shopping

FragranceNet reviews show you the online seller is known for its cheap perfumes. Fast shipping and a simple checkout process make the seller one of the popular destinations for fragrance lovers.

Some FragranceNet reviews are negative on the premise that its perfumes would be fake. People often say ‘FragranceNet perfumes don’t last’. But this is rarely the case of a fake perfume but rather the case of low concentration perfumes. FragranceNet perfumes are authentic. They can even be sampled at Roosevelt Field Mall (630 Old Country Road, Garden City, New York), the first pop-up FragranceNet store.

FragranceNet reviews show its prices are small

FragranceNet sells women’s perfume, men’s cologne, perfume sets, hair care, skincare, and perfume travel spray products.

The website sells some of the most popular perfumes which include Calvin Klein, Versace, Armani, Dior, Montblanc, and others.

Like other online fragrance discounters, it also offers the possibility of choosing various perfume bottle sizes whenever you navigate to a certain product. For example, CK One comes in multiple sizes at FragranceNet. From 5oz to 6.7oz, you can find it in small fragrance samples or in large perfume bottles that last a long time.

This is probably the most important aspect that’s overlooked at perfume stores. In the days when more people start to get into fragrances, smaller versions can be a nice addition to any collection.

FragranceNet coupons

FragranceNet coupons are mainly applied through site-wide discounts. At the time of this review, FragranceNet.com offers a 25% promo which lasts about 14 hours. Such offers are seen often through the site. It might be wise to try these discount codes yourself instead of waiting for any particular sale day such as Black Friday.

Additionally, there’s a suggested product under the CK One as on other fragrances. The site shows you compatible body lotion, deodorants, etc. All of these are nice additions to a particular fragrance.

A system of reviews is also in place on each product, similar to a product’s page. It’s one of the simplest methods to check out user opinions on FragranceNet.com. Video reviews are also added to many products.

FragranceNet.com has a simple shopping process

The ordering process is quite easy as well. One of the areas that interest me the most is payment methods. Amazon Pay is an implemented payment method that I haven’t seen at many other online retailers. Other payment methods include PayPal, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Afterpay.

FragranceNet has more than 95 thousand Instagram followers, over 1 million Facebook followers, and a YouTube channel with fragrance reviews from known fragrance YouTubers. However, this is also the place where you can find various customer complaints, particularly about delayed shipping or other delivery problems.

FragranceNet customer product reviews

Shipping is fast at FragranceNet

Shipping is generally fast at FragranceNet.com. All standard orders arrive in the US anywhere between 4 and 7 days. There are frequent reviews that show orders arrive even within 2 days.

You have to pay $6.95 for all orders in the US if smaller than $59.

For the remote areas of the US, you might need to pay a fixed shipping rate of $8.95.

All of these orders are dispatched through UPS, FedEx, Ontrac, or by US Postal Service in some cases.

FragranceNet.com also delivers internationally. It takes up to 15 days to receive your order, depending on where you live abroad. Shipping to Canada is faster and orders are delivered within 7 days.

For most countries, you will also have to pay VAT. This can vary from state to state so make sure you check your country’s VAT rate on imported fragrances.

A few good reasons to shop at FragranceNet

  • At FragranceX, FragranceNet also has a ‘buy now pay later’ policy in place. Furthermore, there are a few other reasons why you can consider this seller yourself.
  • Afterpay payment if you want to pay for expensive fragrances later
  • Access to a fragrance subscription club for $9.95 per month (cheaper than Scentbox and Scentbird).
  • A dedicated ‘hard to find’ section (with perfumes such as Zino Davidoff, Kenzo Jungle L’Elephant, Coty Emeraude, Anucci Anucci, etc.)

There’s room for improvements

All of these gray-market fragrance sellers seem to have some type of issues with customer service. FragranceNet is generally running a responsive customer service team. During busy periods, many orders get delayed, however. Some of them don’t even get dispatched. Email seems to be the slowest FragranceNet contact method with customers who get slow responses or even no response at all.

Like FragranceX reviews also show, FragranceNet needs to invest in more staff in the customer service team which might cost more but which could take them to the next level.

Then there’s a small issue of mine with their website. For example, there’s a ‘50% off section’ which requires further navigation to see minimum fragrance prices. You can’t compare perfume prices side by side under this menu option. However, this might not be a big issue for others and it might be a problem only I have. But I know other retailers are still practicing this kind of online shopping as well.

Final words

FragranceNet is one of the most respected brands in online discount perfume sales. It has a good name and it’s cheaper perfumes have their legions of fans. We’ve seen Trustpilot reviews are generally good. But these places can’t be held up as the most objective for customer opinions as many tend to come here whenever there’s a complaint to be had about the seller. With a bit more transparency and an improved customer service team, the retailer could finally reach new heights. According to unverified statistics, FragranceNet had over $17 million in sales per year with over 200 employees.


Is FragranceNet legit?

FragranceNet is reliable and legit. They ship authentic fragrances with up to 25% discount within 7 days in the US and Canada. International orders are delivered within 15 days.

Why is FragranceNet so cheap?

FragranceNet is cheap because it trades old stock fragrances which it buys in bulk at a better price. All perfumes are authentic, but you won’t find new scents at discounted prices on the website

Does FragranceNet sell authentic perfumes?

All fragrances on FragranceNet are authentic 100%. Genuine perfumes are sold from reputable brands by the retailer. There’s even a return policy in place for your peace of mind.

FragranceX vs FragranceNet – which is better?

Both FragranceX and FragranceNet have similar discount prices on perfumes. However, FragranceNet seems to be a bit slower in handling orders than FragranceX.