What is Fragrance Mist and Why You Need to Try it?

Fragrance mist or body mist is a type of perfume made with 1.5 to 3% aromatic oils content. It is the least concentrated type of perfume compared to eau de toilette and eau de parfum.

Too many men and women, it seems there’s no difference between the fragrance mist and the other types of perfume. However, fragrance mist can also be made with a skin hydration profile.

What is a fragrance mist?

Fragrance mist is an affordable low concentration perfume. The idea of fragrance layering is one that attracts people to fragrance mists. They are applied directly to the skin and they change its scent for a short period. There’s no projection in fragrance mists and your nose has to be close to the skin to smell it.

Some women only use fragrance mists, particularly those not really into strong perfumes. Others sue fragrance mists to make perfumes last longer as they hydrate the skin before spraying EDT or EDP.

Is body mist better than eau de toilette?

The body mist is not better than the eau de toilette in concentration. However, not everything is about strong projection and you might prefer lighter scents for everyday use.

How to apply fragrance mist?

You can apply fragrance mist on the hair, on the skin, and even to your clothes.

Fragrance mist is applied to the skin as a regular perfume but similarly to lotion. Many now come with nourishing ingredients such as chamomile or coffee extracts. They have a nourishing and energy-giving effect on the skin. There is a difference between cologne and perfume as there’s a difference between fragrance mists and eau de toilette.

Added lavender in fragrance mist can be used as a solution to reduced anxiety or to offer a general state of calmness. Make sure you read the list of ingredients in your fragrance mist before purchasing as every essential oil has its particular scent and practicality. For example, green tea extract is known for its antioxidant effect on the skin.

First apply a moisturizer

Before applying the fragrance mist, you can use a good moisturizer, ideally after getting out of the shower.  If the moisturizer is scented, it should have the same dominating notes with the fragrance mist.

Apply the fragrance mist

You can apply the fragrance mist on your body after the moisturizer absorbs into the skin. It should now last considerably longer.

Avoid over-application

As with general perfume, it is easy to apply too much fragrance mist. The idea here is to first apply it to pulse points such as the neck and the wrists. After each spray, you can step into the air where the mist has been sprayed to make it attach to your body.

Apply fragrance mist on clothes and linen

Some types of non-staying fragrance mists can be used to freshen linen and clothes. Fragrance mist is not what you only spray on your body.

If you need fresh linen, you need to test out your selected mist to see if it stains. If you don’t see any stain on the fabrics after it dries down, the fragrance mist is safe to spray all over the linen.

You can use the same approach to apply fragrance mist to clothes. Most people notice clothes smell better for days as the mist evaporates slower compared to when it’s applied directly on the skin.

Can I use fragrance mist to replace perfume?

You can certainly use fragrance mist to replace perfumes. When you don’t have the money to purchase expensive perfumes or when you don’t have the money to apply perfume every day, you can turn to body mists.

You might have seen Victoria’s Secret Body Mists in commercials. I think it can be a good choice for date night. When you’re up close to a person, you don’t want to choke them out with powerful perfume and as a result, body mist is such a good choice for date nights.

How to apply fragrance mist on hair?

Amazingly, you can apply body mist on your hair. After you wash and dry your hair, you can apply 3-4 sprays of body mist on it to make it smell better. Women usually describe the smell as the fresh out-of-the-shower feeling which lasts. Unlike when you apply it on your skin, fragrance mist on hair is going to be smelled by those around you.

You can expect others to give you compliments or ask you what shampoo you are using since your hair smells so good. However, from what I’ve tested so far, hair body mist only smells when there’s mild wind to carry it around a bit better.

Can I use fragrance mists as room spray?

Since most body mists are very affordable, you can use them as room scents. Their compositions are very similar to the ones of perfumes and its worth considering them if you want your room to smell better. You need to reapply it every other day if you want the smell to persist.

Types of fragrance mists

Not all perfumes are the same and not all fragrance mists are the same. You can separate them by scent profile and there are a few popular options to consider.

Sweet fragrance mists

Normally used by teenage girls or young women, sweet fragrance mists come with a candy scent. They can be used for any occasion but they can certainly be over-applied as sweetness builds up and it eventually becomes too much.

Floral fragrance mists

You can spray floral fragrance mists during spring or summer. These are the best options if you want to test out if you like floral perfumes, which cost a few times more than regular mists.

Aquatic fragrance mists

Made for the hottest days of the year, aquatic fragrance mists are the least offensive as they smell pleasant even in high heat. Some women use aquatic fragrance mists are room spray due to their universal appeal scent.

Over to you

There are many other locations you can spray body mist in. You can even make your car smell better. However, I wouldn’t recommend body mists as a signature all-day scent. You need to reapply body mist through the day as it tends to evaporate in a couple of hours. You can also make your hair smell better most of the time by spraying your hairbrush regularly.