Why is Dior Sauvage So Popular?

Dior Sauvage is popular because it smells good. It also gets high praises for how long it lasts. The fragrance is also known for getting the most compliments.

Have you ever wondered what sits behind Sauvage’s popularity? What is it exactly that makes Dior Sauvage so popular? I’ve asked many people and their answers are diverse. Young men tell me they like it because it gets compliments. Women love how appealing it makes men smell. Others tell me they’re impressed by how long it lasts. I’ve even been told ‘it’s made by Dior… what’s not to like?

Let’s dive deeper into the specific answers in the effort of trying to understand the popularity of this men’s fragrance.

It smells good

Dior Sauvage is the best Dior perfume out there. Its smell is very versatile for all occasions. People don’t want to purchase 3 fragrances for different occasions. They want one that does it all.

This type of one fragrance for all occasions has been seen in the past. Look at 1 Million Cologne, Acqua di Gio, etc.

The fresh spicy smell of Dior Sauvage is unlike anything most people have smelt before in perfumes. For most people, the price of Dior Sauvage is the upper limit of what they’re willing to spend on a perfume. This comes with high expectations and Sauvage doesn’t disappoint those with high expectations.

Because it lasts long

Sauvage easily lasts more than a few hours. It lasts around 4-6 hours when applied to the skin. For most people, this is unheard of. Sure, those in the fragrance world know there are even longer-lasting perfumes out there. But for someone buying perfumes from department stores, the performance of Sauvage is out of this world.

Perfumes that last long are associated with quality and originality. However, there are $20 perfumes that last 24 hours people don’t know about. This isn’t the point. The point is Sauvage has lasting power that impresses most people, which is where the perfume scores highly.

It’s a perfect one-fragrance for all occasions

Most people buying Sauvage aren’t interested in specific perfume notes. This is a fact. People wearing it wants to smell good without doing weeks of online research reading reviews.

This means it’s a type of Swiss-army perfume that you can grab off a shelf and wear to any occasion to smell good.

Well-rounded products that are versatile are what the public wants. Look at iPhones around the world. Golf cars around the world, etc. They are all a type of choice you can’t go wrong with.

Sauvage is made by Dior, a popular brand

Dior was always one of the brands releasing very good men’s and women’s perfumes. We can surely say that they are also going to launch a very good perfume after Sauvage.

Dior knows how to make good perfumes and how to sell them. It has a strong following and a very good image in the shopping world.

Most people always want to dress in the finest clothes. But these are expensive. Wearing Sauvage is just as good. Associating yourself with a strong brand is something that cannot be replicated by any other experience.

However, the type of image Dior has built is very different from the image of other popular brands also making perfume.

Francois Demachy made Dior Sauvage and Sauvage Elixir. The perfumer also worked with Chanel. The personal portfolio probably exceeds 200 released perfumes for Francois Demachy. Dior worked with the professional for Sauvage to release something that truly encompasses Dior as a brand.

Mercedes Benz perfumes or Bentley perfumes are not even close to having success with this approach.

This is why Dior is a brand that’s associated with success. Everybody wants to smell successful.

It gets recommended the most

Another good reason that makes Sauvage popular is its recommendations. Online influencers recommend Sauvage. Store clerks all recommend Sauvage as they once recommended Nautica Voyage.

Recommendations are important in the perfume world.

Almost all of the perfumes I bought first were recommendations. It was only after building a large collection that I started exploring alternatives. This cannot be a singular case.

People like recommendations. They like others to confirm their purchases.

It gets promoted the most

Finally, Dior Sauvage is popular because it gets a lot of (good) marketing. You can see Sauvage ads everywhere. Its ads are seen on public transport, around shopping malls, on TV, and in magazines. It’s everywhere you look. People see Johny Depp and they instantly recognize the ad. Even people who don’t own Sauvage recognize its name and its ad. This is marketing at the highest level.

Yes, a lot of money was put into these ads. However, nobody has ever complained the ads promise something the perfume cannot deliver. In fact, Sauvage always delivers more as even those wearing it for years every day are still happy to spray it on.

Sure, there are many people wearing it. But its popularity is not undeserved. I’d even say Dior Sauvage needs to become more popular as it’s the type of fragrance that gets people into perfumes.


Dior Sauvage is popular because it has an excellent long-lasting smell. It features very good versatility. The perfume is also made by one of the most respected brands in the fragrance world known for making compliment-getting fragrances.

Dior Sauvage has been on the market for a few years now. It has grown to heights not many perfumes can reach. Sure, there are people who don’t like how it smells. But they are rare.

Sauvage makes people smell good in a way that’s relatable. People like fresh perfumes and the hints of spiciness make all of its notes smell lively. You can say it’s a type of upbeat perfume which means it’s trendy or modern.