Why Perfume.com Reviews Are Almost Stellar?

Perfume.com is an online fragrance retailer located in New York. It sells some of the cheapest fragrances mostly in the US but also internationally. People who shop at Perfume.com are typically looking for a discount fragrance or a fragrance subscription plan.

One of the most important aspects of dealing with this online retailer is knowing what to expect. Most of its perfumes are already out on the market for a few years. You will rarely find some of the latest fragrances for men and women here, but you will find best-selling perfumes which are all that matters.

Is Perfume.com the same as FragranceX?

Right out of the gets, I need to address the elephant in the room. Perfume.com is FragranceX. Both have the same listed address and their websites are almost similar. Product inventory is almost the same. Some of the search results are almost the same as well.

Prices are higher on Perfume.com than on FragranceX. This is what can seem a bit weird at first. Maybe it’s a marketing plan where a seller is also the competition. But I’m sure these 2 have different search results internationally. Within the US, the price difference between the products and shipping of both Perfume.com and FragranceX.com almost doesn’t matter as it’s quite insignificant.

The shopping process at Perfume.com

So how do you buy perfume at Perfume.com? Let’s say you want to buy Versace’s Bright Crystal. You click on the perfume to find which of its versions are in stock. This is where you see a list with displayed prices for testers, various bottle sizes, deodorants, and body lotions. All of these products are displayed and you can see exactly the type of bottle most suitable for you. It feels a bit more like a wholesale site than Notino where you have to separately navigate to see each bottle size version.

All of the shipping options of Perfume.com

Shipping is typically fast at Perfume com. You typically wait anywhere between 2 and 5 days to get your order. Next day delivery is also available in a few select locations.

  • 2-5 days delivery

Most orders are delivered within a week on US territory. Free shipping applies to orders over $35 which is almost any order of a good fragrance. Otherwise, you need to pay $5.9 for shipping.

You get your perfume through FedEx, UPS, and all other typical postal services you can imagine. Since the orders are paid in advance (through Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, ApplePay, or Diners Club) you don’t have to pay anything upon delivery.

  • Second-day delivery

There aren’t too many reasons to consider 2nd-day fragrance delivery.  However, if you’re invited to an event or if you need a last-minute gift, these options can be made for you. This delivery option costs $12.9.

  • com delivers in Canada

Delivery charges remain small even when ordering perfume from Canada. You pay a flat fee of $4.99.  It can take up to 10 days for your order to arrive in Canada, depending on your province. Tracking numbers are issued even for these orders.

  • International delivery at Perfume.com

One of the main online shopping markets of the platform is the international one. Some countries simply love the fragrance too much to pass on a good deal. International orders are delivered based on a flat $5.99 fee. There should be no duty to pay for your parcel but you can expect your border checks to issue import duties on your purchase, so you need to check in advance.

Key benefits of shopping at Perfume.com

A tempting subscription plan is among the main reasons to consider the store according to perfume.com reviews. For $9.95 per month, you get a new travel fragrance sample of 27oz. The best part about this plan is that you can choose the fragrance you’re going to get. In total, there are around 500 brands to choose from both for men and women.

Unlike other discount perfume sellers, Perfume.com gets mostly positive reviews. This might also be due to the high number of personalized fragrance subscription plan above. These get delivered on time and at a fair rate, which makes both parties happy.

perfume.com benefits

Final words

The store might be a branch of FragranceX, but it seems to have its list of clients and fans according to perfume.com reviews. It even has its own YouTube channel, even if largely abandoned. Unlike traditional retailers, discount retailers can’t invest in different types of promotions on social media too much just to keep prices low.


Is Perfume.com legit?

Perfume.com is a legit fragrance retailer located in New York. It mostly sells popular perfumes at a discounted price and it features unique advantages such as a monthly fragrance subscription plan with a new scent delivered every 4 weeks according to your preferences.

Why is Perfume.com so cheap?

Perfume.com sells cheap fragrances of older stock. This allows the retailer to put them on the market at a lower price.

Where is Perfume.com located?

Perfume.com is located in Hauppauge New York. You can call the retailer at 1-888-55-(PERFUME).