Zara Femme Perfume Review

Zara Femme is a best-selling Zara perfume. As one of the best Zara perfumes, it embodies a creaminess to it which recommends Zara Femme for spring, fall, and wintertime use. Its summertime performance is limited to underwhelming, of course.

If you’re pondering about the best Zara perfumes for women you might be thinking about Zara Femme. There’s a new Zara Femme Winter perfume out. But the 2018 Zara Femme is still highly likable to all women.

Zara Femme smells similar to Dior Hypnotic Poison. However, it comes with extra sweetness through its intense vanilla smell.

Zara Femme smells like vanilla rice pudding. The creaminess of the scent is what makes it versatile on all skin types. The warmth of the vanilla recommends this perfume for women who want to smell sweet in cold weather.

Milky and musky, this perfume is characterized by a level of softness, unlike other cheap Zara perfumes. While it’s not a direct Zara perfume dupe, Femme has also been compared to Kenzo Amour perfume.

Zara Femme is also a perfume that smells like Black Opium given its intense oriental aroma and its vivid sandalwood smell.

Zara Femme Perfume Smell Breakdown

While I’m not wearing Zara Femme as a man, I think it works well on women who aren’t afraid of bold scents. Intense dark perfumes for women aren’t too common at Zara. But this would be the case if Femme would have been made without a vanilla note.

Peony is present in the opening (albeit shortly). This mild floral note gives the perfume a level of femininity from the opening. Sharp bergamot is also present in the opening notes.

Tonka bean and sandalwood give this perfume a level of oriental spiciness in the drydwon. These notes are very creamy and well-blended given the aroma chemicals here are far from naturals which would also make it cost a lot more than a simple affordable Zara perfume.

Musk is heavy in this perfume as well. It’s one of the best musk perfumes you can cheaply buy. Patchouli is also there. But the vanilla note of the perfume accompanies the scent from opening until dry-down.

While there’s no heliotrope note in the perfume, there’s a certain resemblance to the heliotrope smell in this perfume. From this perspective, it has some resemblance to Lalique’s Satine perfume.

Zara Femme is a very affordable good Zara perfume. It’s often named as the best perfume under $10 and one of the best perfumes under $50 women can buy. However, it suffers in the department of ingredient quality as some of its notes are very hard to distinguish.

Some of the best sexy perfumes can learn a thing about blending simple notes women love from Zara Femme. Even guys like it. As one of the best perfumes men like, Zara Femme smells like vanilla, very feminine, and sensual. This makes it ideal for dates and shopping. However, most women prefer to wear it to the office as you can smell it everywhere today.

As one of the best Zara perfumes for winter, Zara Femme has its pros and cons. It smells good but its notes are hard to distinguish at times. Still, it’s a sweet and sexy perfume that has plenty of potentials even in 2022 and is.


There are more pros than cons for this best Zara perfume for women. It’s one of the safest blind buys out there. Its low price means you’ll lose almost nothing even if you don’t like it. However, here’s what to expect.

  • Sexy-smelling scent

Zara Femme is a sexy perfume for women. It represents femininity in all aspects and it notes one of those perfumes for women men can wear. On the other hand, its strength can also turn into its weakness. You might end up smelling too appealing if you are overspray.

  • 4-hours longevity

As one of the longest-lasting Zara perfumes, Zara Femme is known for its true potential for just about any occasion. Sure, it doesn’t last the whole day. But as a cheap long-lasting perfume, it’s worth a try.

  • Creamy vanilla scent with the spiciness

The creaminess of the vanilla mixed with simple sandalwood is what makes this perfume smell good. If you don’t like the smell of vanilla or the smell of sandalwood this is not the right perfume for you. At the same time, you need to think about originality as vanilla-sandalwood perfumes aren’t too original either.

  • Notes that aren’t offending

Another strength of Zara Femme is that it uses notes that don’t offend. Vanilla, peony, musk, and tonka bean are notes that almost everybody likes. This is why it can be a perfume for women that don’t like perfume or for those who suffer from perfume nausea since the notes are inviting.


Zara Femme EDT perfume has its limits. After all, it’s a cheap perfume for women and it doesn’t promise a luxurious experience.

  • The peony smell is hard to detect

The opening in Zara Femme is its biggest weakness. Peony and bergamot are highly limiting. These notes are somewhat typical of the smell of feminine perfumes. However, it’s very hard to smell the peony here.

  • The bergamot smell is hard to detect

The bergamot note is also hard to detect. The bergamot smell of the perfume should have given it a bit of appeal for summertime wear. Since it isn’t there as listed, Zara Femme is mainly recommended for fall, winter, and spring wear.

Final considerations

Zara Femme is one of the best Zara perfumes for women. It smells simple, highly feminine, and sexy. It’s an affordable perfume that is sometimes seen as a dupe of famous perfumes such as Hypnotic Poison. However, this review is a simple interpretation of my impressions at a local Zara and notes a direct side-by-side comparison with Hypnotic Poison. Zara Femme is one of those must-have Zara perfumes for women. It can be an ideal Zara perfume for spring or Zara perfume for fall or winter if you don’t mind its faded peony opening.